Spring Shoes Under $100...

Hi Loves! If you're reading this you can imagine that I'm in some sort of food coma as I explore Charleston in the sunshine! (Hate me yet?! ;) This southern food (not to mention the hospitality) has put me in my happy place! I absolutely LOVE it so much and if you haven't been, I highly recommend booking a trip as soon as possible! You can even come for a long weekend! It's so dreamy and magical. I've also loved getting a dose of Vitamin D and being able to wear my spring sandals again! 

I wanted to round-up some cute sandals (all under $100) to get you thinking about spring! I chose a variety; flat sandals, lace-up heels, trendy slip-ons, sneakers, and even a pair of ankle boots. There's a little something for everyone! You can shop each item by clicking on the little pink icon by each pair that catches your eye :) Happy shopping! 

xx,  Ashley 

Spring Sandals!

I'm totally ready to bring out my sandals and store away the boots ... just waiting on this weather to cooperate! One day its in the 60's, the next day it's snowing, seriously, mother nature MAKE UP YOUR MIND! Regardless, my sandal game needs a reboot (see what I did there?) and I can't wait to get my hands on some of my personal faves below!

1. Topshop "Holly" Lace-up Sandals - Love the color & only $35!

2. BC Footwear 'Wee' Slide Sandal - Because let's be honest...sometimes we don't have 25 minutes to spend lacing up our gladiators. Ok? We just DON'T.

3. Forever 21 Faux Leather Sandals - Two-for-one deal...these are both cute & comfortable!

4. ASOS FOR LOVE Leather Lace Up Sandals - Major favorite of mine for Spring.

5. ASOS FLORENCE Embellished Leather Sandals - So dainty and sweet ... and can go with most anything (added bonus)

6. Braided Leather Flat Sandals by Zara - Yes. SO MUCH YES.

7. H&M Sandals with Fringe - A little pop of color for Spring!

8. H&M Flats with Ankle Strap - Another color that I just love ... not to mention the style!

9. Black Laced Sandals H&M - Suede with long lacing around the ankle...LOVE.