How To prep for baby: My "must haves"...

When I found out I was pregnant with Lo I was super overwhelmed. I think a lot of that stemmed from just knowing how much we needed to buy for the baby, but not knowing WHAT we needed. I didn't want to get things that we really didn't absolutely I remember reaching out to friends with kiddos for help! I have compiled a few things above that I think are absolute must haves. Ok, maybe you don't NEED a piggy bank (hehe!) ... but trust me, grandparents love it! At least Lo's grandparents do ;) I love this one!

I will say that the Skip Hop "Chelsea" Diaper Bag is an absolute dream. I love it because it looks chic but also has a million compartments for everything you need. I also love this backpack from Skip Hop... there's something about a backpack that seems super practical, and this one is very cute! 

The Rock n Play was also a LIFE SAVER. We had a bassinet ready to go next to our bed, but Lo just wouldn't sleep well in it. We quickly switched to the rock n play, and she gave us some nice long stretches. It kept her somewhat upright, and we were able to lay her slightly on her side, which she seemed to love. Highly recommend! 

We have a small city apartment, so when it came to a baby bathtub, we didn't have room for anything crazy. I love the Boon Naked tub because it's collapsible and has a hook so you can hang it right on the back of your bathroom door! 

Now, for the Ergo. Man oh man, that thing was attached to me for basically 6 months straight! Thank GOD it's comfortable, and has a strap that goes around your lower back to give you some support! I loved baby wearing and it's necessary when your babies are little and they just want to be close to you 24/7! The Ergo 360 is perfect because when your baby gets older, you can wear her facing front so she can take in the world ... Lo loves it! 

You can shop other favorites above like the cute pacifier, Wubbanub ... and the Baby Banana or Sophie the Giraffe (which are both perfect for teething babes!) Enjoy, mamas!




maternity style...

One of the things I looked forward to most during pregnancy was taking maternity photos! I am "that girl" who always dreamt about bump pics and would look for outfits that would perfectly highlight my round tummy! I tried to find dresses, mainly maxi's that really clung to the curves of my body. In terms of color, I think white is really beautiful - and other pastels as well. I did take a few photos in a plain black maxi, that actually turned out to be one of my favorites.

I've picked some of my favorites that I think would be perfect for any maternity shoot / or to rock during your pregnancy! Shop them above!