BabyMoon Essentials...

If there's one thing I HIGHLY recommend doing is taking advantage of a little thing called the "Baby-moon!" Someone along the way came up with this excuse for a getaway and I'm their biggest fan. Chris and I went away for four nights before Lo arrived and it was such a wonderful time to relax, unwind and just enjoy each other before baby. Fast forward 3(ish) years...we're due with our second and the idea of a babymoon sounds even more incredible now that we're parents and crave one-on-one time together!

Chris is currently planning our getaway and it's a total surprise to me :) I don't know where or when we are going...I just know we're going! Ahh!! I'm so excited to escape with him and mostly to sleep in (oh, the little things :) Anyway, it got me really into doing this post for anyone who is also planning their own babymoon! Here are some cute style must-haves and essentials to make your getaway all you dream it will be AND MORE! 

Cute + Comfy Dresses


Stylish Swimsuits


Fashion-Forward Footwear


Beach Accessories



maternity style...

One of the things I looked forward to most during pregnancy was taking maternity photos! I am "that girl" who always dreamt about bump pics and would look for outfits that would perfectly highlight my round tummy! I tried to find dresses, mainly maxi's that really clung to the curves of my body. In terms of color, I think white is really beautiful - and other pastels as well. I did take a few photos in a plain black maxi, that actually turned out to be one of my favorites.

I've picked some of my favorites that I think would be perfect for any maternity shoot / or to rock during your pregnancy! Shop them above!