Snoogle Pillow: The 2nd Miracle Worker

I'm sure you're all wondering what the heck a "snoogle pillow" is...or maybe you've already discovered it if you're an expectant Momma like myself. I just REALLY felt the need to dedicate an entire blog post to this little slice of heaven. I am heading into my 7th month of pregnancy, so sleeping is becoming a bit of a challenge. It's difficult to get comfortable, especially since I can't sleep flat on my back or stomach, as I normally would. My husband and I went to Baby's R Us this weekend to finish up our registry, and we came upon the "pillow" section. Knowing how much sleep has been a struggle for me, Chris was pretty insistent that we get the Snoogle (I think he's just fed up with hearing me complain in the middle of the night! Ha!) I thought it was silly to spend $60 on a pillow...but this might be one of my favorite/best purchases of 2015. The past few nights, I have slept like a champ only waking up once to reposition myself. Last night, I fell asleep and woke up in the same exact position...amazing. The pillow itself is pretty large and in really takes up some space in our queen bed (which now feels like a twin), but it's so worth it. You can purchase it on Amazon, Babys R Us, Bed Bath & many websites - so if you have any gift cards or discounts to those stores - check it out! Below are some photos of a rando lady (in killer pj's) thoroughly enjoying her Snoogle....and just think, THAT COULD BE YOU! 
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Travel Essentials!

The past two weeks have been quite the whirlwind in terms of travel - and there are a few things I just cannot live without when I'm on the road! A mixture of beauty and are my "must haves" for all of you jet setters out there!
One // Fresh pair of Nike's
There's nothing cute about running  through the airport in heels, so instead rock some black leggings with some fresh Nike's; you'll be comfortable AND have everyone envious of your casual style! (Thanks to my awesome hubby and NU being sponsored by Nike, I get to be the receiver of some pretty sweet shoes!)


Two // Batiste dry size
I swear by this dry shampoo and the best part is that it's super affordable (I can get a 3-pack for under $10)! 


Three // Burt's Bees Facial Towelettes
I keep these in my purse when I'm traveling...especially for long flights! When you can't wash your face, these are the next best thing. They leave your skin feeling fresh and smelling like grapefruit (which I love!) I also use them to remove my eye makeup - works fab!



Four // Leather Jacket
I always bring a staple leather jacket on trips with me. It pairs with lots of different outfits - good for a night out or a casual airport look with those cute black Nike's! The one below is from Forever 21...I LOVE their jackets because you don't have to sell your soul to own one!



Five // EOS Lip Balm
I don't know about you, but when I fly the dry air really does a number on my skin and LIPS! The EOS lip balm is my absolute favorite and I never leave home without it!