Kate Hudson has started an athletic apparel line that is SO cute and affordable, called Fabletics! She chooses her favorite outfits each month and shares them with us, and we also take a style quiz of our own to pinpoint our favorite looks! Once you take the quiz, outfits are actually put together for you...sports bra, shirt, leggings, etc...and they're pretty spot on! I loved the outfits that were chosen for me...totally meshed with my style! Another cool perk...you can become a VIP member, and get mega discounts each month! Highly suggest checking the site out!  
Here are a few of my favorites!

Fitness Fashion!

Some of favorite workout pieces come from Forever 21! They have great sports bras, stylish leggings, and comfortable tops that are VERY affordable. Treat yourself to some new gear and it will give you that little extra motivation you need to hit the gym!

Here are my top picks!