Cutest Baby Footwear...


I've been drooling over baby moccasins every since I found out we were pregnant because, let's be honest, how adorable are those itty bitty feet?! Honestly, I never purchased a pair because they all seemed to be too pricey, but that was before we discovered BirdRock Baby! We are absolutely in LOVE with London's new baby moccs - which are the softest ever! She even wears them around indoors because they're so comfortable. We call them her little "house shoes!" They also go with SO many of her outfits! The best part, if you're frugal like me, is that they're completely affordable! (Can I get an Amen?!)

We ordered two pairs; one in "ruby red" and another in "espresso." As you can see, we chose a size large or 6.5, which fits her and still leaves her a little room to grow as well! 

You can shop the moccasins here! Hope everyone has an amazing day! 

xx,  Ashley