Spring Sandals!

I'm totally ready to bring out my sandals and store away the boots ... just waiting on this weather to cooperate! One day its in the 60's, the next day it's snowing, seriously, mother nature MAKE UP YOUR MIND! Regardless, my sandal game needs a reboot (see what I did there?) and I can't wait to get my hands on some of my personal faves below!

1. Topshop "Holly" Lace-up Sandals - Love the color & only $35!

2. BC Footwear 'Wee' Slide Sandal - Because let's be honest...sometimes we don't have 25 minutes to spend lacing up our gladiators. Ok? We just DON'T.

3. Forever 21 Faux Leather Sandals - Two-for-one deal...these are both cute & comfortable!

4. ASOS FOR LOVE Leather Lace Up Sandals - Major favorite of mine for Spring.

5. ASOS FLORENCE Embellished Leather Sandals - So dainty and sweet ... and can go with most anything (added bonus)

6. Braided Leather Flat Sandals by Zara - Yes. SO MUCH YES.

7. H&M Sandals with Fringe - A little pop of color for Spring!

8. H&M Flats with Ankle Strap - Another color that I just love ... not to mention the style!

9. Black Laced Sandals H&M - Suede with long lacing around the ankle...LOVE.




Spring Looks For Less!

Spring is (almost) here! We've had a few amazing weather days - but now we are in the "tweener" stage when you wanna make the wardrobe transition from winter to spring - but everything is just so unpredictable!  The best thing to do is to daydream / salivate over the "new arrivals" section of your favorite online shops. I've been doing my fair share of perusing, and wanted to share some of the more adorable and affordable (key word) looks from my two top stores: H&M and Zara! Enjoy, shoppers! 

Black Friday: Best Deals Around!

I've spent the morning perusing online for the best deals, and wanted to share my findings! I also decided to venture out to Bolyston and Newbury this morning (super brave, I know) but I was pleasantly surprised! No pushing, shoving, hollering ... on the contrary it wasn't very busy at all. I think people are up to speed now and have figured out that you can get the SAME deals online as you can in the store.  The first thing you need to do is download the "Retail Me Not" app on your phone. This has saved me SO much money - and not just around the holidays! There are lots of promotions that we never hear about, and the cashiers never tell you about on check out. You can get extra percentages off or "buy 1 get 1 frees" and more! It's pretty fab. Also, you can go through and "favorite" the stores you frequent, so it will automatically let you know about the in-store and online promotions for those first.

Online right now, Express is 50% off EVERYTHING...so save yourself a trip and the hassle of shopping in-store, and order from the comfort of your couch! GAP is another one with huge savings right now, and 50% off in-store and online. I actually went to H&M this morning and some shirts were discounted all the way down to $2.95! I picked up a few things for Chris's birthday, and also got some cute decorations in the "home" section, where everything was 30% off. Kind of disappointed that Sephora isn't running any eye-catching deals. Make up is SO expensive, that it would be nice to buy guilt-free at least once a year! (Can I get an AMEN!?) Another favorite clothing store, Zara is 30% off storewide - which is think is great. Their stuff is reasonably priced to begin with, so deduct another 30% off of that and you're making out like a bandit! Of course, Target, Best Buy, and Walmart have their usual blowout sales...my sister actually got a BIG purchase item at Wally World for $150 less than the original price (can't tell what it is, since it's a Christmas gift for someone who may read this blog, heehee!) 

I hope you all had a safe and wonderful Thanksgiving - and try not to get trampled if you voyage out into the craziness!