Creative Costumes for Halloween!

1. "Partly Cloudy with a Chance of Showers" I was this one year and people loved it! It's super easy to create. Wear a light blue shirt and pants (I wore my nursing scrubs at the time), paste cotton balls in clusters all over the outfit, for the "partly cloudy" portion. Fill a squirt bottle with water - and there's your chance of showers!

2. "A Deviled Egg"

This is actually my costume this year! I plan on going to target today to get my devil horns and a plain white t-shirt. I'll wear the red pants and converses that I already own, and for the "egg" part - I am going to use white poster board to make a large cutout of an "over easy egg" and then yellow construction paper to cut a circle and make the yolk! I will then pin the "egg" to the front of my shirt to create a "Deviled Egg!"

3. "Ceiling Fan"

Wear all black and paste (or safety pin) the word "ceiling" all over. Get a pom-pom and you have become a ceiling fan!


4. "One Night Stand"

Of course, I don't condone one-night stands ever, but I saw this costume and thought it was pretty funny. You make the "night stand" out of cardboard and cut a hole in the middle for your body to go through. It should set on top of your shoulders. Do the same thing to a cheap table cloth so it hangs around the cardboard to look like an actual table. A lampshade can then be put on your head, and you have created a "one night stand"...get it? Funny right? I thought so...


5. "Broccoli Spears"

Get a green clown wig and wear a school girl outfit and you've got yourself some broccoli spears. You're welcome.

6. "Jay Crew"

Polo shirt and khakis with a good ole "Jay Crew" name tag and you're good!

7. "Pig In A Blanket" a pig nose, ears and tail...wear pink if you have it and wrap yourself in a blanket...TA-DAAA!!! 


Honey Pot Hill Orchards!

Yesterday was the perfect fall day here in Boston! I got an early start, thanks to Chris having to be up early for his first official NU practice! By 9:30am, I was en route to grab a few friends and head on a little apple picking adventure! I had heard about Honey Pot Hill Orchard from the principal at our school...he raved about the apple cider donuts and I was SOLD. It is about 30 miles outside of the city in Stow. I was craving something "fall-y" to do so 30 miles wasn't a huge deal for me! We all love apple picking...but let's be honest, we're really going for EVERYTHING else aren't we? The hot cider, the sugary donuts, the pumpkins, the cliche "apple picking photos"...which I obviously took. I'm also not above a solid hayride either! Everything that "apple picking" entails is just an all-around good time and Honey Pot Hill is definitely a rockin' place this time of year! Luckily, we got there on the early side because by the time we were finished filling our medium-sized bag with macintosh and cortland apples, the parking lot was STACKED! The farm stand is where they sell the pumpkins, hot/cold cider, and more importantly, the donuts...and it is about a 10 minute walk from the "pick your own" section. We decided to drive and luckily got a parking spot right up front! I HIGHLY recommend waiting in line to get the apple cider sugar donuts for $4.50/half dozen. YOU GUYS....they were so warm and melt-in-your-mouth good! Side note: Chris told me to only bring one singular donut home for him...yea right! I got a half dozen and he's the happiest husband around. If you plan on visiting Honey Pot Hill, I cosign that motion...just plan on visiting the orchard/farm stand as early as possible on the weekend.  When we were leaving around noon, the line was INSANE to park and also to pick apples. With that said, I'm sooo glad I took the time to was definitely the perfect fall morning for me!

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