Best Cupcakes in Boston

I'm totally a cupcake girl. I dream of opening a cute little boutique cupcake spot and taste testing everything ... doesn't that sound divine? In the meantime, I'll just keep taste testing at Georgetown Cupcake...easily, the best of Boston! It's conveniently located right on anytime you stroll down the street for some shopping, you're bound to take a detour if you pass. I've included my top 5 favorites below, although you really can't go wrong with anything you choose! 







Lush Cosmetics: Fresh Face Masks

As a little follow up to my previous post, "Caring For Your Face"  I am happy to say that I tried a face mask last night for the first time in a LONG, wayyy to long. My friend was visiting from out of town, and she had read about the fresh face masks from Lush in a beauty magazine. While shopping on Newbury Street yesterday, we happened to pass Lush and decided to check them out! Disclaimer: Be prepared to be overwhelmed (understatement) with smells when you walk in the's a little ridic. These vegan face masks are kept in a cooler in the back of the store, and sold in 2oz containers - only meant for use up to 7 days. There are so many different kinds, each made specially for certain skin types.

Personally, I'm dealing with blemishes and have really sensitive (already oily) skin, so I was looking for something calming and somewhat drying. The mask that I chose, "Catastrophe Cosmetic." is packed with blueberries, which are a great source of antioxidants, and soothing calamine blue oil that specifically calms redness. A few of the other ingredients include: wild orange oil, irish moss, talc, chamomile, and lime. So last night, I removed my make up and spread the mask all over. After about 10 minutes I rinsed my face with warm water and applied my toner and moisturizer. My face felt AMAZING. It was so smooth and bright! This morning, I was happy to see that a few of my blemishes were dried up! I will definitely be using this mask every night this week - and will probably go back for more! 

lush3 lush2


Boston Eats: "Lolita"

Chris and I are huge fans of Mexican food, and have been hearing about a restaurant downtown called Lolita. We decided to try it last night before Chris's road trip to Virginia. It's walking distance from our apartment, so I foresee a lot of dinners here in our future! The atmosphere is really cool...very dim lights and red light accents. It was pretty busy for a Monday, and was glad that Chris had made a reservation. The bar/lounge area was packed...and according to Chris, they have amazing margaritas, so I can see why :) They bring the standard basket of chips to the table, but I love that they also bring three different kinds of salsa to try! (All were very yummy!) They also brought shaved ice to the table as well (which they offered to top with tequila, but we declined for obvious reasons) but I thought it was a cool touch!  Our food was great! We ordered the beef chimichangas to start which we REALLY liked. Great flavor. For dinner I had the ancho chile chicken quesadilla and Chris went with the chicken tacos. They have a large selection of tacos to choose from...swordfish, fried chicken, steak, marinated chicken, pork, and more! By far, the coolest part of the evening, was when they brought our check, they brought green apple cotton candy with it! OH. MY. GOSH. Best thing ever. I haven't had cotton candy in a longgg time, and I'm not sure why! I LOVE IT! They also give you fake tattoos with a wet cloth and everything (my idea of a good time!) Of course, I put it on right away, as you can see from the photo :) 

There are so many amazing places to eat in Boston, that if the restaurant doesn't blow us away, there's no need to return. Happy to report that we will definitely be returning, and can't wait to bring our friends!