Malia's Two Month Update:

Happy Friday!

I’m going to try and give monthly updates on Malia here - so you guys can see what she’s doing and kind of follow along in our journey through the first year. I’ll also give a little sample schedule of what her day looks like for the time being! Honestly, can’t believe I’m already writing this one…her TWO month update! It’s incredible how fast time goes, especially with your second baby. The days fly by because there is ALWAYS something that needs to be done slash can be done. (Raise your hand if you’re already cleaning! Will it ever end?!)


Malia is just as sweet as she’s always been. At her doctor’s check up she weighed in at 11lb, 10.5 ounces and is 23.5 inches long! She’s totally starting to have longer periods of awake time which is fun! She’s super smiley and LOVES to coo and talk. I’m basically obsessed when she makes noises and gets those little spit bubbles on her lips. Mamas…you know the ones! :)

She loves to lay on her play mat and watch her star toy light up. The baby Bjorn bouncer is great for right after she eats - because I like to keep her semi-upright. The seat is at an incline and has a toy bar too; she just stares at it for now, but I’m sure she’ll be actually playing with it before we know it :) Basically when she’s awake (usually anywhere from 60-90 minutes), I rotate her between the play mat, Bjorn bouncer, this Fisher Price seat (under $30!) and her swing! The swing I usually do last and she fusses to let me know she’s ready for her nap.

We bottle feed and right now Malia is eating 5 ounces about every four hours during the day. She wakes just one time to eat in the middle of the night (anywhere from 3:00AM - 4:30AM) and then goes back to sleep until 6:45-7AM. We are currently starting to wean her off of her night feeding because she’ll usually only eat 2 ounces, 3 at most, before her eyes are closed to go back to sleep again! I shared a few books that we love on my Instagram recently; Twelve Hours of Sleep in Twelve Weeks and Newborn 101. The second book actually starts from pregnancy so there’s a wealth of info in there. The Twelve Hours book is mostly about feeding/sleeping. We suggest both to all of our friends who have kids :) One big thing that happened this month is Malia starting putting herself to sleep at bedtime. We feed her, kiss her goodnight and put her sound machine on…place her in her crib awake and she goes to sleep on her own. It’s pretty amazing. She has a 7PM bedtime and it gives me 30-45 minutes to be one-on-one with London - which I thoroughly enjoy. I love being able to catch up with her before she goes to bed.


Nap times for Malia have usually been 8:30 - 9:15AM … then 10AM - 11AM. She’ll eat, play, then be ready to go back down around 12:45PM to take her long nap of the day. She will typically sleep until 3-3:30PM. Again, she’ll wake up to eat, play, then cat-nap from about 5-5:30PM. Those are her naps for the day. After her last nap, I’ll play with her until it’s time for the bath at 6:15pm. Yes, I’m one of those moms that gives her kids baths every. single. night. London’s I may skip here and there depending on how much energy I have (Ha! Energy? What’s that?!) … but Malia gets one every night. I do this partly because I think it is a great “indicator” that it’s time to wind down and prepare for sleep and also because let’s be honest, she’s pooping and peeing in a diaper all day and she needs a good scrub! It’s not lengthy, but 5-10 minutes and we’re in and out! For those wondering if this dries out her skin/scalp. It doesn’t. I lather my babies head to toe in Aveeno and we’ve never had that issue!


Ok, I think that’s a good round up for this month! As promised, here is a sample schedule of what our day looks like (of course, there are slight changes often - but hey, that’s newborn-life right?!) :)

6:45AM - Malia wakes up, change into clothes for the day

7:00AM - Feed 5oz bottle

7:30AM - 8:30AM - Play time!

8:30AM - 9:15AM - Nap #1

9:15AM - 10AM - Brief play time

10AM - 11:00AM - Nap #2

11:00AM - Feed 5oz bottle

11:30AM - Play time / go pick up Lo from school / more play time :)

12:45AM - 3/3:30PM - Nap #3 (longest of the day!)

3/3:30PM - Feed 5 oz bottle

4:00 - 5:00 - Play time

5:00 - 5:30PM - Nap #4 (shortest of the day!)

5:30 - 6:15PM - Play time

6:15PM - 6:30PM - Bath and start nightly routine

6:30PM - Feed bottle (she typically won’t take a full 5 oz…usually just 4 at this time)

7PM - Down in crib awake

I hope you all have a fab weekend! We are going to take the girls apple picking FOR SURE and hopefully make some yummy treats! Also…GO PATS. Can we get a freaking win this Sunday?! (I’ll say an extra prayer at church! Ha!)

xx, Ashley

What's In My Bag: Part II...



I can't believe we will actually be meeting our sweet girl in just a few days! It's SO surreal and we couldn't be more excited/anxious/nervous/ALL of the above! As promised, I wanted to share what I packed in my bag for the hospital! When we had London, I made it a point not to overpack and was pleasantly surprised because I felt like the hospital really had a lot that we needed.

I'll start with what I put in my diaper bag:

- Baby Markwood's "going home" outfit

- Birth Plan (I did this last time too and gave it to my L&D nurse when we arrived for our induction)

- Swaddle blanket from Copper Pearl (We got this one!) 

- Wubbanub paci plus a regular paci (probably not necessary, but, I packed them mostly for the days after we get home anyway)

- Newborn diapers, wipes, changing pad (again, probably not necessary)

- Letter board for baby announcement (under $16!)


Now I'm going to list the things that I brought in my own bag ... which is actually a small tote from Target.

- Toiletries / make up bag (yes, I put make up on the first time around too - it made me feel like a human ... so I plan to bring it again!)

- Sports Bra / comfortable bra for post-birth 

- Underwear (literally could do without'll end up wearing the super-attractive mesh underwear provided by the hospital because they're SO COMFORTABLE) 

- Bathrobe; I am bringing this floral robe for photos but also a warmer one with long sleeves because hospitals are always cold!) 

- Pajamas with buttons, I have this in gray and it's the BEST! Here is the shorts/top version (only $35 for the set!; I say "with buttons" because obviously if you're breast feeding it's easier...but also it's easier for skin to skin with your new baby, which is the best ever!) 

- Phone/Phone Charger for ALL the pics and/or a video camera

- Your pillow from home; I'm SO glad I brought my own pillow the first time around. It was so much more comfortable and I picked my own cute pillowcase for photos :) 

- Comfortable/roomy "going home" outfit; I opted for this Daisy Cami Maxi from Forever 21 that is loose fitting because let's be honest, you're not going to feel your absolute best!

I totally suggest making a small list of things you can't forget but also can't pack until you're just about to leave for the hospital! For me this was: phone, phone charger, toiletries, make up bag, and pillow! I strongly advise against overpacking. You'll have enough to worry about, but packing the car with 5 large bags shouldn't be one of them! I think if you want to bring a diaper bag, great - but if you can fit the baby's stuff with your stuff, that's fine too!

I hope this helped any parents-to-be! I'll make sure to post some updates / baby Markwood's birth story soon! If you want to follow along even closer, check my Instagram stories!



5 Ways To Be An Organized Mom...


Happy November 1st! 

Can you believe we are saying that?! This fall is just FLYING by at record speed - it's so insane. I feel like I keep our schedule pretty jam-packed so the days and weeks seem to escape us! Ugh! Anyway, speaking of's post is all about ORGANIZATION! As a wife + mama, life can get a little hectic sometimes and even though I like to think I can "do it all" or remember every single thing on my to-do list, I've come to the realization that that's just not feasible. Between the prepping of breakfast, lunch, and dinner, planning activities for Lo, attending classes with her, squeezing in some exercise, cleaning the house (over and over again), making time for the hubby, etc. it can be slightly overwhelming. 

I consider myself "type A" and just the thought of getting organized in any facet of my life excites me. Luckily, most of my mommy friends I've met here and see on an almost daily basis are also pinterest-lovers, planners, and organizers; they inspire me :) It's actually through one of them that I discovered the AMAZING-NESS that is Erin Condren and her Life Planner.  It's basically the planner of my DREAMS and if you're looking for the ultimate way to stay organized (and make it fun!) than you need one too! You're able to customize the look and layout that you want, complete with the color scheme, coil color (mine is rose gold), and cover design. What I got REALLY jazzed up about were all the little "extras" that you can use to maximize your planner. Color-coded stickers (swoon!), colorful pens, magnetic page markers, a leather clutch to hold it all, and SO much more! (You can see my clutch here!)I also just want to mention for any mama's expecting a baby or know someone who is - this Baby Tracker is another petite planner that you can stick in your purse so you don't miss recording any of the special moments! Use it to log feedings, nap times, or write down notes as you journey through motherhood! 

                                        My new morning + planner fun :) 

                                       My new morning + planner fun :) 

When it comes to staying organized, there are some things that you can prep/plan ahead of time to make life easier! Trust me, I'm all about life-hacks and ways to simplify, so here are 5 ways to be a more organized mama:


1. Invest in a planner that you love. This is the first order of business! I find it quite relaxing and FUN to fill out my planner ... especially one as beautiful as Erin's. I mean, don't get me wrong, hers are SO pretty that at first I was a little nervous to actually write in it but once I got on a roll with the stickers and markers, I couldn't put it down! 


2. Meal Prep. Sounds like a real drag (and it is) but it can be made easier if you do it ahead of time! I like to prep dinner in the morning or during nap time. I use my crock pot A LOT for "set it and forget it" type meals too. Weekly meal planning on Sundays is what I'm currently trying to be better at! Erin Condren actually makes a petite meal planner for just $12 that's portable and compact! You can plan meals weekly, make your grocery lists, and even plan larger dinner parties in it! 

3.Plan your playdates, at-home activities, and make your weekly to-do lists the week before. I really like to pencil in our playdates for the week on Sundays, at least Monday-Wednesday. It's nice to have things to look forward to heading into a brand new week. I also find that I'm more motivated to DO the activities with London if they're planned in advance. They don't have to be anything crazy. This week we started focusing on one letter of the alphabet, 'B' and are doing activities centered around that (Painting a giant 'B', using the 'B' stencil with play dough, etc.) 

                      You can see the teal clutch above; it holds my stickers, markers, etc. So cute!

                      You can see the teal clutch above; it holds my stickers, markers, etc. So cute!

4. Control the clutter. A messy house = a disorganized least for me anyway. Sometimes I literally feel like I can't think straight if my house is an eye sore. I keep quite a few toys in the basement and rotate them bi-weekly so they're fresh to London, but not ALL upstairs at once because CLUTTER. I also use clear bins for her art supplies and have a shelf for markers, crayons, pompoms, popsicle sticks, a.k.a. anything I don't want dumped out on the regular. It's always a good idea to have your kids participate in "clean up" before bedtimes too! 

5. Be able to say "no." This is a good one to remember, so you don't over-schedule! Sometimes, when you get too much in the books you end up feeling stressed out trying to check every single box on your to-do list. Go through and write the "absolute" events first ... then fill in the extras as you go! 


I'm hosting a giveaway on my Instagram today for a chance to win $75 to shop Erin Condren's products! Head there to enter!

What are some other things do you do to help you stay organized?

xx, Ashley 



This post was sponsored by Erin Condren. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.