On Your 2nd Birthday...


My beautiful, sweet London girl...

You have graced this Earth with your presence for two amazing years today. I am so full of love for you and all that you bring to our lives. You are kind, caring, sensitive, loving, curious, just a tad sassy (which I secretly love), and a ball full of energy! You have SO much personality, which has completely blossomed this past year. I absolutely LOVE having conversations with you...the meaningful ones (which you probably can't quite grasp just yet) and the silly ones - especially the silly ones :)

I fact that I get to spend every day with you is an absolute honor and privilege that I will never take for granted. I will always be thankful that your Daddy supports this whole stay-at-home-Mom gig, because these are the absolute best days of my life.

Here are a few things you do that make me smile and that I never want to forget...

When we "pretend sleep" + you wake us up by kissing our noses

When you say "can we go outside or somethin', maybe?" (I just think it's the cutest!)

How obsessed you are with your "blankie" ..and how even though you have two of the exact same, you prefer one over the other

How before nap/bedtime you ask, "Can you rock me, mumma?"

How excited you get when you ask to watch one of your favorite shows or movies, and we ACTUALLY say yes :)

That you love to play hide + seek...which means mostly just telling us where you're hiding and saying "Have you seen London?

When you have memorized a book and recite the whole thing back to us

Anytime you're singing and dancing (which is basically all of the time), it makes my heart so happy!

When you say your own prayers ... which usually means thanking God for the playground and for pizza ;) 

When you ask for heart or triangle-shaped toast in the morning

I love how excited you get to see your little buddies ... you want to give them all the hugs and kisses

You LOVE to eat ... and always want either Mommy or Daddy sitting with you at the table

How you pretend to rock your baby doll, change her diaper, and push her in the stroller...you're going to be the best big sister one day!

How helpful you are! You love to help me with the laundry, putting the dishes away, and sweeping the floor; Mummy's big helper!


I love all of these things and so much more! You're incredible in every way and I'm so honored to be your Mom!

I love you to the moon & back baby,

Mumma xo