Getting Crafty For Fall!

I've discovered that crafting makes me very happy...and determined that I need to do it more! Last weekend, I bought pumpkins at the farm store at Honey Pot Hill and while they're beautiful as they are, I decided to spice them up a bit! What I did was go about 3 inches from the stem and cut around it to remove the top. Then, I dug out the inside flesh and seeds (I did not save the seeds for roasting...I'm the worst) We have a flower shop at the end of our street so I picked up some sunflowers, greenery, and those little orange balls (my flower lingo game is slacking, apologies), and had the florist pre-cut the stems. I had to trim them up a bit more to make them perfectly settle into the pumpkin correctly. I had a short, circular candle holder (without a candle) that I ended up filling with cold water and using as the vase inside the pumpkin. After arranging the flowers a bit, ta da! I had a fabulous fall bouquet and it's amazing how much it added to our apartment decor. 
Here is the before and after!