Date Night: Aquitaine Boston

My husband and I decided to have a little dinner date night, and we finally were able to get reservations at Aquitaine Boston in the South End. Aquitaine is a "modern Parisian bistro" and you walk in instantly feeling welcome and "at home." The dishes are traditional and delightful, the atmosphere is romantic but lively. It was my favorite (yes, my favorite) restaurant we have eaten at so far in Boston! The menu has a large variety of dishes, and also offers a "prix fixe menu" before 6:30, which we were able to order from; three courses for $29.95...such a fantastic deal! For my 3 courses I chose the "Soupe a L'Oignon", Steak Frites, and Chocolate Mousse. Chris went with the Warm Beet Salade, Roasted Half Chicken, and Creme Brûlée! 
To start, the french onion soup was AMAZING, complete with truffled braised short rib and melted aged gruyere. For me, it would be difficult to order any other appetizer, because it was THAT good. Chris's appetizer was super yummy also...the beets were sliced thin and topped with a sherry vinaigrette and toasted walnuts. He did think there would be more greens, but he was still happy with the dish and thought it was very tasty.
Next, the entrees. I ordered my steak medium and it was so perfectly cooked and seasoned with a black truffle vinaigrette that it basically melted in your mouth! (I think Chris was a little jealous) The frites were amazing dipped in a garlic aoili! My dish was also served with a large side of greens which was a nice addition to the plate as well. The roasted half chicken was served over a parsnip puree that was to-die-for! Wow...the chicken was falling off the bone and the skin was perfectly crisped. We shared a little of each, and were extremely happy with the flavor of both dishes. Desserts were pretty off the charts as well, especially the creme brûlée! I'm a chocolate girl (even more so with this pregnancy) but the brûlée was pretty spectacular. The mousse was extremely rich and served with homemade (yes, homemade) whipped cream...which makes all the difference in the world, doesn't it? LOVE!
We were so thoroughly impressed with our meal, that we cannot wait to return! They also serve brunch on the weekends - which I'd love to try! I highly HIGHLY suggest visiting this will not be disappointed! 

Boston Eats: "Lolita"

Chris and I are huge fans of Mexican food, and have been hearing about a restaurant downtown called Lolita. We decided to try it last night before Chris's road trip to Virginia. It's walking distance from our apartment, so I foresee a lot of dinners here in our future! The atmosphere is really cool...very dim lights and red light accents. It was pretty busy for a Monday, and was glad that Chris had made a reservation. The bar/lounge area was packed...and according to Chris, they have amazing margaritas, so I can see why :) They bring the standard basket of chips to the table, but I love that they also bring three different kinds of salsa to try! (All were very yummy!) They also brought shaved ice to the table as well (which they offered to top with tequila, but we declined for obvious reasons) but I thought it was a cool touch!  Our food was great! We ordered the beef chimichangas to start which we REALLY liked. Great flavor. For dinner I had the ancho chile chicken quesadilla and Chris went with the chicken tacos. They have a large selection of tacos to choose from...swordfish, fried chicken, steak, marinated chicken, pork, and more! By far, the coolest part of the evening, was when they brought our check, they brought green apple cotton candy with it! OH. MY. GOSH. Best thing ever. I haven't had cotton candy in a longgg time, and I'm not sure why! I LOVE IT! They also give you fake tattoos with a wet cloth and everything (my idea of a good time!) Of course, I put it on right away, as you can see from the photo :) 

There are so many amazing places to eat in Boston, that if the restaurant doesn't blow us away, there's no need to return. Happy to report that we will definitely be returning, and can't wait to bring our friends! 

Picco! Best Pizza in Boston!

Like any foodie moving to a new city...I've been doing my research on the top places to eat! Phrases like "best donuts in Boston" or "best ice cream in Boston" have been taking over my Google search bar. Recently, "best pizza in Boston" produced results hailing Picco, a small pizzeria less than a half mile from our apartment, home of the best pizza in the city! I couldn't believe our luck! Last Friday, Chris and I went over without reservations for an early dinner and actually got a table. I was super impressed with the menu and it's variety, having more than just pizza and salads. The appetizers included things like meatballs, carnitas tacos, and roasted cauliflower gorditas (which I had, and LOVED!) Chris and I shared a mushroom and pepperoni pizza and were not disappointed. We told our server to "lightly cook" the dough because they like to bake them well done with some "char." A "must go to" spot if looking for some great homemade pizza in the city! 

Wifestyles Of The (not) Rich and The (not) Famous...

Nowadays if you want to set aside a weekly "date night" that involves going out for dinner, a movies, drinks, etc...the night can get pretty pricey! I have gotten creative with a few inexpensive date ideas and honestly, most of the time they end up being more fun than a stuffy dinner or movie anyway! Happy to share with you some creative ways to spend time together without breaking the bank!

1. At-Home Movie Night:  You can do this for under $10! Rent a few red box movies, buy some popcorn and a few boxes of candy and there you have it! You can set it up really cute for your a "Welcome To Movie Night" with the DVD's, candy, and popcorn all on the table, and blankets/pillows on the couch ready to go! It will make an ordinary night seem exciting!

2. Go On A Picnic: This could be a really romantic Saturday or Sunday afternoon Fall date. Bring a bottle of wine, some cheese and crackers...pack a few blankets, one to sit on and one to cover up with...and just enjoy each other's company. You can do this for under $20! (Maybe even cheaper depending on the bottle of wine you get :))

3. A Day At The Museum: Now that we live in Boston, there are so many cool exhibits and museums that we can go to!  The best part? Most are FREE! You can have a whole day exploring with your love for zero dollars. I would encourage you to research your area to see what you'll be surprised how much you can do right in your own backyard!

4. Build A Living Room Fort: How many of you did this when you were little? Why did we stop just because we're adults? This is SO fun and doesn't cost a single thing. Create a blanket and pillow fort in front of the TV...make some snacks to eat in your "fort", then either talk or find a movie to watch on demand! Date night for $5!

5. At-Home Spa Treatment: You want to really surprise your man? Have candles lit, soft music playing, and lotions, scrubs, and massage oils lined up for when he comes home. Tell him to soak his feet in a warm sudsy water bath, give him a nice foot massage and scrub. While he's soaking his feet, massage his shoulders with oil. He will be pleasantly surprised and maybe even return the favor!