Spring-ready Skin with EVER...


Most of my adult life I've struggled with skin flare-ups and blemishes. I am very hesitant about trying or sampling new products for my oh-so-sensitive skin; I'd call myself an "if it's not broke, don't fix it" type of girl ;) I wanted to share a bit of my current skin routine and also a few things I'm doing to get my skin "spring-ready!" 

Typically, I wash my face every morning and evening, right before bed. I think it's super important to remove the makeup on my face and eyes before going to sleep. I follow each wash with an oil-free moisturizer (since I have naturally oily skin). I put an under eye cream on at bedtime as well. I love a good mask, but it's really hard for me to find one that's not too harsh on my skin or leaves me feeling dry and irritated. When it comes to body care, I like to use a scrub on my arms and legs to help get rid of dead skin cells and follow it up with a smooth body butter, as opposed to just plain lotion.

In terms of WHAT I use...Enter EVER.

My friend (and EVER skin specialist), Linda suggested that I try a purifying clay mask from their line! As I said before, I am hesitant to try new products, but she assured me that she had the perfect fit for my skin type! One of the things I love most about this product is that it reduces the appearance of redness and blemishes ... a.k.a. JUST what I need. When I tried it, my first thought was that I LOVED the smell! My next thought was how I loved the "cooling effect" that it gave my face, almost like I could feel it working. After trying it, my skin felt BABY SOFT and had a glow to it. Even my husband noticed (and commented) on its appearance as well...EVER for the win! :) 

Another part of my "spring-ready" regime includes buffing my skin! When I asked Linda if she could recommend a good body polish, she sent me over the sweetest-smelling lemon sugar scrub + body butter combo! Seriously, I want to eat the body butter, it smells like lemon meringue pie! :) I have been using both products for over 3 weeks now and my skin feels noticeably smoother. A lot of body butters I've tried in the past have been thick and have left my skin feeling oily for hours. EVER's body butter is light and silky and absorbs so nicely into my skin. You don't need to use a lot during application, so each product should last you a long time! You can read more about the polish here and about the body butter here

EVER skincare is clinical grade and focuses on the "conscious beauty" philosophy. In other words, they CARE about what they use to create their products and what we're putting on our skin. That's the kind of company I can get behind! They're already making a BIG impact on the beauty world and won "Best of Beauty" by Allure two years in a row. I would love for you guys to check out these products to discover for yourself why I'm a big fan of this safer-beauty line! You can shop for your own EVER products here

xx,  Ashley