Malia's 10-Month Update...



It’s true. One of the things I was looking forward to this most was my FIRST KISS and Malia gave me my first drooly, boogery (she has a cold) kiss and I loved every second of it!!! Why are baby kisses just the sweetest thing in the world?! I can’t even believe she’s old enough to give me kisses and understand when I say “give mommy a kiss!” Melts my heart!

I feel like she has just exploded in personality the last month. She loves to clap, point to everything, play pass with her special red ball, and dance by shaking her hands when music is playing. She is the sweetest girl in the world…and just so SO happy all of the time. I said to Chris the other day, “does she ever cry?!” Honestly, unless she’s tired or hungry… the answer is no. Even then, she fusses it’s never really a full blown cry. We are just so blessed by her calm disposition - especially with a spunky little (almost) 4-year old - it’s nice to have a little change of pace ;)


Our only big sleep update is that I think she has officially dropped her third nap! I’m not going to lie - it’s perfect timing with the weather being nice because being stuck inside on a beautifully sunny afternoon sounds less than fun! She is currently taking a morning nap, usually 9AM(ish) - 10:30AM … and her afternoon nap is between 1-1:30PM! She still goes to bed around 6:30PM every night and sleeps until around 6:45/7AM (Thank you, Jesus for giving us another good sleeper!)


Malia eats 3 meals a day and gets four bottles as always. We are starting to think about dropping some bottles…just not sure when. I went cold turkey with London at 12 months and she adjusted great. I remember being so nervous about it and this time I feel fine. I really think Malia will do great and adjust easily. She’s such a big girl…so tall and she weighs a lot for her age group too, that I think I’ll just have to make sure she’s getting some good snacks in :) I’ll tell you one thing though…I am SO ready to get rid of bottles and stop buying formula!!!

She LOVES food. She will basically eat whatever I put in front of her. I made turkey chili the other day which had a tiny kick to it - so I didn’t think she would like it - and she DEVOURED it. She loved the kidney beans! She is a big fan of strawberries and broccoli right now! She’s also coming around on eggs, which I’m happy about! She wasn’t sure of them for awhile there :)



Malia LOVES to do anything that London is doing. She loves to play instruments and anything that crinkles (aka plastic bottles! HA!) or makes a loud bang. She thinks it’s super funny to drop food on the floor (I, on the other hand, do NOT!). She loves to play pass. If I say, “Malia! Go get your ball!” … she will crawl right over and grab her ball and legit throw it to me. She loves to play with the toy kitchen and all of the food in the basket. She LOVES books! Anything with flaps or something she can touch and feel. She loves when I make animal noises…thinks it’s hysterical that a duck says “quack quack” :) … for whatever reason, I’ll never know! She will play in the tubby for a good 15-20 minutes every night, which is PERFECT because it’s a little break for me. I love putting her and Lo in together because they just play and she mostly watches what Lo is doing.

She is just the happiest, sweetest baby and I cannot believe so soon we will be celebrating her FIRST birthday! I don’t know where the time went :( It makes me so sad but at the same time, just so excited for whats to come!

Happy Tuesday! I hope it’s a good one and that you all have the best week ever!

xx, Ashley