Malia's 9-Month Update...


Hey guys! You’re long overdue for a MALIA update - and I know that because you keep sending me messages about what she’s eating nowadays, how she’s sleeping, what she’s up too, etc! :) I love it, you keep me on track!

She is 9 months and 10 days old! I can’t believe how fast it goes with your second baby…it’s crazy! I took her to her appointment and she is OFF the charts for height. She is 30.5” tall! Ahhh! The doctor told me the average 3-year old is 36 inches so, thus far she has the tall genes! At this age, London was 28.5”! It’s just crazy to see how different it can be from child to child! Not only is she SUPER tall, but she’s also weighing in at a whopping 22lbs - which is 93% for her age :) Bless her heart - that’s why she loves food so much and eats just as much as London sometimes (because, you know, TODDLERS!)

I thought I would break the update down a bit…so here you go :)

How she’s sleeping…


From about 6-8 months we went through a phase where her naps were really unpredictable and mostly SHORT. Ugh! It was really frustrating but I knew I couldn’t complain much since she was sleeping 12 hours through the night! She has been doing that since 13 weeks and never really went backwards…her sleep has only gotten better.

Her nap/sleep schedule looks something like this: 1st nap 9AM - 10/10:30AM, 2nd nap 12/12:30pm - 1:30/2PM and a 30-minute cat nap between 3:30/4:00PM. Her bedtime is anywhere between 6:30PM - 7PM and she sleeps until between 6:30-7AM. We are SO thankful that she sleeps like this, because we know it isn’t always the case. We followed the same book with both girls, and I will say - they are both wonderful sleepers. The book is called “12 Hours of Sleep by 12 Weeks” and we swear by it!


How she’s eating…

She eats everything now, except for honey of course! She eats three meals a day as we do, breakfast, lunch and dinner, and sometimes she has a snack! She gets four bottles a day; one right when she wakes up, around 10:30/11am, when she wakes from her second nap around 2:30pm, and before bed. I would say she takes in anywhere from 24-28 ounces per day…which again, is more than London did at this age. Every child is different so if you’re reading this and thinking “Oh no, my daughter (or son) isn’t drinking this” it’s OK…don’t stress. They always end up getting what they need. Our doctor does suggest that they eat three meals a day by this age though - so I think that’s a good goal to shoot for if you aren’t doing that already (but as always, consult your doctor first).

Some of her favorite foods include: blueberries, strawberries, cantaloupe (she really loves all fruit!), zucchini, asparagus, avocado, black beans and cheese quesadillas, salmon, and chicken!

What she’s doing…

Malia started crawling when we were in Disney, as she turned 8-months old! She hasn’t stopped since and I think that has a lot to do with having an older sibling and wanting to do what they are doing! She pulls herself to standing and “couch surfs” a.k.a. takes small steps while holding onto the couch. She can stand on her own for a few seconds and I feel like she’ll be an early walker like her sister!

She LOVES books! She definitely already has her favorites; anything that she can touch and feel, pop-up books, or books with flaps - she especially loves those! She likes to play with wooden blocks and knock down any tower that I build :) She is very into playing her version of pass with a ball…which is her rolling it anywhere in the room and crawling after it (she does this over and over…so cute!) She has a few favorite stuffies and sleeps with her mini bunny blanket now…cuddles right into it. So adorable. I just can’t believe how fast she is growing. She is a sweet, calm, and relaxed baby girl. We are all so blessed by her presence…truly the sweetest little angel baby that melts my heart every day!

I hope you all have an amazing day!

xx, Ashley