Prepping To Fly With Two...

Hey guys! I feel like I haven’t posted much the past month or so because it’s been so insanely busy! We went on two trips in March and just recently took both girls to Disney World…so needless to say - we are kind of exhausted :) I ran a poll on my Instagram to see what you guys wanted for content; a “how to” when it comes to Disney with kids or prepping to fly with two and it was pretty even so guess what - I’m going to do both!

I decided to start with flying with two because that one did slightly have more votes! Last month I posted “How To Travel With Your Three Year Old” because London and I have traveled so much together I feel like we have that down! Adding Malia, who is 8-months old, to the crew was SO much fun but also adds A LOT more to think about, plan for, and pack :)

How I prep for flights with two…

I ALWAYS make a list. This time I made one for each child and divided it into things I need for my carry-on and things I need to pack in general. I brought two carry-ons which seemed to work nicely. I did one backpack and a shoulder bag. I hesitated on the shoulder bag but it was actually clutch because it was already open and easy to access PLUS it fit underneath my stroller, which I always use through the airport (I’ll get to this later!). A bag like this would work nicely and I really like this one because of the attached wristlet!


Here is what you can find in my carry-on bags…

Before I go ahead and list everything out - I HIGHLY recommend not just throwing everything in, but organizing things in gallon-sized ziplock bags. This helps IMMENSELY when it comes to fishing things out of the bag efficiently.

Shoulder Bag:

  • Malia’s toys/rattles (gallon bag)

  • Malia’s teethers (I put these in a smaller ziplock bag)

  • Snacks for London (gallon bag) *Some snacks that I typically bring: granola bars, raisins, goldfish, cheez-its, apple sauce pouches, pea crisps, graham crackers and I usually buy a banana and a cheese stick at Starbucks in the airport :)

  • Change of clothes for both (gallon bag)

  • 2 Aden & Anais muslin blankets (these take up no space at all)

  • Burp cloth

  • Carrier (We prefer the Ergo 360 so you can do forward facing but also they can face in when it’s nap time!)


  • Diapers/butt paste for Malia (I recommend butt paste when you travel because you may not be able to change your baby as much as you would at home / they may be in the carrier more so you wouldn’t want them getting a rash!)

  • iPad / kids headphones

  • Water Wow activity (these are a MUST for us!)

  • Books (2-3)

  • Crayons in a ziplock w/a small coloring book

  • Purell hand wipes

  • Gum / dum-dum lollipops

  • Ibuprofen (I like to carry this just in case. London has never had ear pain when flying but since this was Malia’s first flight and she had a cold, I wanted to make sure I had some Ibuprofen on hand!)

My Tips For Getting Through Security / The Airport…

Do you check your stroller? …What do you do with your pack n’ play? … Did you wear one child and push the other in the stroller? … Which carrier do you recommend? These are just a few of the questions I get asked when I travel with London and this past time with both girls.

Firstly, having a GREAT STROLLER makes all the difference and I always GATE CHECK my stroller which means I take it through security and use it to maneuver around the airport then check it right before we board! It is FREE to gate check (at least with JetBlue) and just makes life SO much easier. If I’m traveling with just London, I always use my Babyzen YOYO stroller which folds up, has a shoulder strap like a purse, weighs just 15 pounds, and can fit in the overhead bins of any airplane! Most recently when we traveled with London (3.5 years) and Malia (8 months) we used the Chicco Bravofor2 LE Double stroller and it was MVP of our trip, FOR REAL. London has the option to sit or stand while Malia sits in the front. London fits in the front too, which she loved to do when Malia was in the carrier. The storage bin underneath is HUGE which is another bonus considering it left room for my shoulder bag and carrier when I wasn’t using it. It also folds + unfolds in probably five seconds - no exaggeration.

When is comes to my 4Moms Pack n Play - I always check it underneath the plane and we never have any issues. I bring this when we travel (even though most hotels have their own), because it’s bigger than the standard pack n play … and almost the size of a regular crib!

When going through security I recommend baby-wearing because oftentimes they do make you fold up the stroller which kind of requires two hands. I wore Malia in the Ergo 360 carrier from the time we got to the airport until we got through security.

I like planning flights with the littlest one’s naps. This was pretty easy considering Malia still naps 3 times a day. She slept on the plane for an hour both ways, which was a huge lifesaver! I recommend getting to the airport with plenty of time to grab a few waters, hit the bathroom for the potty and a final diaper change before boarding. I also like to let them get their wiggles out and run around a little bit beforehand, since they won’t be able to move around much on the flight.

I hope I covered it all and I hope this is a help to you in some way! If you have any questions - head to my Instagram page and post them on my latest post so I can get to you quickly. Stay tuned for my “Disney With Littles” post for those who are wondering how to take on the beast that is DISNEY WORLD ;)

Have a wonderful week!