How To Travel With Your Three Year Old...

It’s that time of year again - Conference Tourney Time for my husband’s basketball team (Go NU!) and I’m heading back to Charleston with London for a few days! I have been looking forward to this trip with her ever since I booked the tickets in December .. and I think she is JUST as excited. Traveling with her is a blast - and we always have such a fun time together. This will be the 13th flight she has taken and each time gets better and better - probably because she’s getting a bit older! It’s like going on a little trip with my bestie!

I wanted to share some "must haves" when it comes to toddler travel… 3.5 years old is still considered “toddler” right? Let’s go with it :) I know traveling can feel stressful and exhausting at times, but I think if you try to make it as fun as possible than they will feed off of that energy. First things first...I highly recommend traveling with a BACK PACK as a carry-on and not a mini backpack…a pretty roomy one because you’re going to need ALL THE THINGS. That’s just the way I personally like to fly anyway because, better to be safe than sorry! I really love the Papago from J.J. Cole which we just got, this one by Skip Hop and if you’re looking for a cheaper version, this one is under $70.

The next thing that's a "must have" is a lightweight, compact, and easy to fold stroller. Our BABYZEN YOYO+ stroller is an actual lifesaver and I can't say enough about it. It's folds up in literally five seconds and is small enough to fit in the overhead compartment on the airplane. Once it's folded, it has a shoulder strap for easy carrying and it weighs just 15lbs. I can't tell you how many people comment on it when they see us fold it up or open it; just how easy it is! There's also a pretty convenient compartment underneath to store small items if needed. If you’re looking for a double stroller for two kiddos, we have been using the Chicco Bravofor2 LE Double stroller and really love it for the ease of folding/opening and the storage underneath!


A few tips while you’re on the plane…

I typically like to time flights so they’re during London’s nap time. Now that she’s older I just booked the cheapest flights…which is nice :) She does still nap, but will be able to handle a missed nap for one day. Prior to flying, I alway hit the Target Dollar Bin for some activity books, sticker books, and anything small I can fit in my carry-on backpack for her. I pack a few of her favorite snacks, books, plane-friendly games, and of course – the iPad. Lo is old enough to understand how headphones work and she loves wearing them. I got these Mpow Kids Headphones for this trip - and they’re great. I also just downloaded ‘Starfall ABC’ to my iPad for our trip because it’s an educational game that you don’t need wi-fi to play…and it’s free!

Some snacks that I typically bring: granola bars, raisins, goldfish, apple sauce, pea crisps, graham crackers and I usually buy a banana and a cheese stick at Starbucks in the airport :)

Important tip: I highly suggest bringing a travel pack of Purell Sanitizing Wipes. It gives me peace of mind to wipe down the germ-infested airplane. I also bought the travel-sized Purell to attach to the strap of my backpack. I cannot tell you how many times I use this throughout the day when we travel!

I don’t leave home without…

Blackout shades; these are cheap paper shades that I always travel with. Actually I just keep them in my car. I use them when we stay at friend’s houses, hotels if needed, etc. They’re easy to fold and carry in your suitcase.

4Moms Travel Playard: Hands down, best ever and easiest set-up. It comes with a travel bag so we just usually check it in for the flight. I’ve struggled HARD with other pack n’ plays, but this one is absolutely AMAZING.

Sound Machine; Another thing I never travel without is this $20 plug-in sound spa. You never know what the noise level will be at the hotel so I prefer to make sure unnecessary things don’t wake my babes! Doesn’t take up a lot of room in your luggage either!

Lastly, as far as I’m concerned all bets are off when traveling. Screen time increases, the amount of snacks can go through the roof and I’m not above a good dum-dum lollipop bribe! You just do what you have to do, knowing that things will return back to normal as soon as you reach your destination! The moral of the story is to HAVE FUN and try to enjoy what can sometimes be a stressful experience, but doesn’t have to be!

I hope this is helpful for any of you that’ll be traveling with toddlers soon! Make sure to follow along on my Instagram to see our adventures over the next couple of days!

xx, Ashley