Pregnancy Update: 16 Weeks...


I'm currently writing this post from warm + sunny Florida! We are so excited to be here for the week, taking on Disney with London once again. She's in HEAVEN (so is Mommy) and it's just so much fun to make more memories here with her. My parents are also along for the trip, which is really fun too! 

I can't believe we are already 16 weeks (and 3 days) into our second pregnancy! It's SO crazy how fast time is flying. I thought it went by super fast with Lo, but the second time around it goes even quicker because of the toddler craziness! We find out in just a few weeks if it's a boy or girl - and I can't even believe we are at that point already! Ahh! It's slightly terrifying ;) 

Overall, I'm feeling pretty good! I'm SO happy to have my energy back. The nausea is still sometimes there - which is less than fun - but I think I've just learned to live with it! I will say, I'm finally noticing my bump starting to poke out! Yay! I have been waiting for it! Chris has been telling me for the past few weeks that I'm "pushing out" but I think now we've determined that it is in fact, the baby :) I think it can be difficult at the beginning to embrace all of the changes happening to your body - but I just try to remember how amazing it all is. The fact that our bodies can do this is such a miracle. 

Speaking of changes, I'm starting to be a bit uncomfortable when I sleep. I am such a stomach sleeper - but now I can't lie flat without it feeling weird! It may be almost time to break out the snoogle pillow - which saved my life when I was pregnant with Lo. Seems a bit early this time around, but I've heard second time is different! My skin has been REALLY dry and itchy - which know is also a "thing" during pregnancy so I've been using the Mama Mio tummy rub before I go to bed and when I wake up. I'm noticing a huge difference. The body butter is really thick (which I love), has a Shea butter base and smells delicious like mint. So far so good! 

Cravings haven't really changed too much - I still want lots of orange juice and fruit, but I also crave a burger and fries too. I like to say it's a nice balance ;) I try to keep almonds or some sort of trail mix snack around to munch on because I am hungry all the time. At least I don't get nauseous if I don't eat every half hour like during the first trimester! It's toned down a bit! I've also been having oatmeal as a mid-afternoon snack/meal. It helps to keep me full a little longer so I can make it to dinner time without feeling "hangry." 

I'll keep these little "bumpdates" coming - because it's a fun way for me to share the pregnancy with you all. I'm so thankful for the journey and that I get to occupy this little blog space! It's so fun and makes it extra exciting for us! Thank you for following along!