potty training tips + tricks...


Nothing like posting about Fall fashion trends one day and potty training the next :) I mean...quintessential #momlife situation right?! So glam! Anyway, I've had a few messages about sharing our tricks and tips on potty training, so I thought I'd post them here! I'll just add a little disclaimer that I have ONE child and this is my first time ever doing this so...I AM NOT AN EXPERT. I simply want to share what worked for us in hopes that it can help you if you're currently trying to potty train or plan to in the weeks/months to come! 

We are about 3 weeks in and, dare I say out loud, we have a potty trained 26 month old (during the day!) I'm one happy mama and I think Lo is pretty proud of herself too! When we were thinking of starting the process, our friends let us borrow the book "Oh Crap! Potty Training." If you haven't heard of it - I HIGHLY recommend grabbing a copy. You can find it on Amazon here. This was our go-to resource and we followed the "blocks" pretty closely. It's a lengthy book but I loved that because it's thorough. I NEED thorough. I also loved that the whole premise of this process is to speed it up ... I did NOT want to be potty training for months, and this book definitely helps you achieve this! 

Here are a few tips that I found worked for us in conjunction with the book!

1. Leading up to potty training, start having your kids help with the "getting dressed" process. This will help immensely when they have to manipulate their clothes on and off to use the potty on their own. 

2. Don't introduce the potty until the DAY you want to start potty training. If you leave it out, it becomes "just another toy" scattered around the room. If you take it out and make a big deal about it - chances are your kid will think it's pretty cool too. 

3. If timing works out, potty train in the warmer months to avoid layers. Since the book suggests (or really, requires) your child going commando, it's a lot easier for them to be commando in shorts or a dress, then thick pants. 

4. Speaking of shorts/pants...buy a few pair with elastic waistbands that are easy to pull up and down. 

5. Carve out a long weekend where you and your spouse can tackle the first few exhausting days together. Plan fun activities to do indoors and make it exciting! 

6. At the beginning, we put a potty in the living room, dining room (where Lo's toys also are) and in the bathroom upstairs. It sounds silly but I wanted to make sure that Lo had the opportunity to go ON HER OWN when the time came. We also keep a potty in the car ... which is a LIFESAVER.

7. On the travel potty subject, BUY A POTETTE. This is seriously the best $15 I've spent all year :) It fits in your diaper bag and you can take it with you EVERYWHERE. It gives you piece of mind when it comes time to leave the house! Here is a photo of us out on a walk and nature called...thank goodness for the potette ;) 


When we started, Lo did AMAZING the first week. She was catching on so quickly and we had very few accidents. Then for a couple of days everything went to CRAP (literally). I was getting really frustrated, but the book warns you of a little regression/push back, so we powered through. Lo started self-initiating shortly after a.k.a. using the potty on her own and by two weeks she was consistently self-initiating at home. Now, by week three, she verbally tells me when she has to go or just goes on her own. She even tells me when we are out and about ... which is when I rush her to the bathroom and we either use the potette or the regular toilet of a public restroom. At first, it seems so stressful like "how am I ever going to leave the house again?!" but just like everything else, you get the hang of it and it becomes second nature. I remember reading in the book that potty training should feel like work for the parent, but not for the child. I tried to keep that in mind and make it a fun experience! We also weren't above using m&m's as a fun reward when she self initiated...and I think that helped too :)

Overall, we are SO happy to have a potty trained babe! Please comment below if you have any questions and I'll do my best to answer with what little experience I have ;) 

xx, Ashley