6 Fall Trends...

1. Frills and Ruffles

Love love love all the frills and girly things. Ruffles on the shoulders, around the neckline, and even on jackets were big this spring and it's carried right into the fall. I mostly wear leggings and tank tops every day - but when I get the chance to dress up, I tend to go for feminine pieces so I'm super excited this trend is here to stay! 

2. Blazers

I feel like every photo from New York Fashion Week was a different girl wearing a blazer. This is definitely the "it" trend of the season. I'm seeing a lot of plaids and HELLO shoulder pads! The boxy shape is totally in. I do kind of love the idea of adding a blazer on top of a casual white tee for an effortless look...so I've added a few below that I think would compliment that!

3. Velvet

It's baaaccckkk! I wish I made my Mom save all of her velvet shirts and dresses from back in the day because I'm seeing it everywhere! I haven't hopped on board this train yet, but it's definitely intriguing. I like how I see some of my blogger friends styling their pieces, I'm just not sure I can get down with it - but we'll see :) Regardless, I wanted to share some that I think are cute...and yes, velvet booties are "all the rage" right now :)

4. Athleisure

Athleisure...never EVER leave me. Like, ever. Seriously though, I LOVE THIS TREND SO MUCH (yes, that's me yelling!) Any moms out there wanna give an "Amen?" Any brand that can make sweats look cute and in style - sign me up. I think Adidas kind of trumps every other brand in this category, but I've included a few others for you to check out that I think you'll like! 

5. Florals

I remember covering florals a lot in the spring and even some last fall - but I'm not mad about this trend sticking around! I think florals are super fun and flirty - I'm totally a fan. The midi dress below is one of my faves and looks so cute paired with the velvet booties!

6. Statement Sweatshirts

Let's be honest...I'm most excited about this trend and the athleisure-wear for Fall because #MOMLIFE. I love embellished sweatshirts that are comfortable but can also make you look like you tried a little bit :) That's right in my wheelhouse! I'm such a lazy dresser every day...I just am. I prefer to be comfortable chasing after London and being able to play/get messy with her without worrying about my outfit. Statement sweatshirts are perfect for every day if you want to feel like you tried :)

xx, Ashley