Cute Workout Gear + 5 Favorite Sneakers...


The weather is cooling off and we're about to enter a new season in New England! I haven't had a gym membership since the Spring but I'm joining next month and looking to amp up my activewear! Per usual, I'm drawn to sweatshirts because COMFORT and there are some really cute long sleeve workout shirts that I found too! I'm a fan of full-length leggings in the winter (usually I get the cotton ones by Nike) so I'm sharing some of those as well! I just got a new pair of black and white Nike Roshe's for just $90 that I LOVE! Since I need a shoe with more support and structure (like these) when I run - I like to wear my Roshe's on days when I'm lifting aka not doing any cardio. With that said, I've also shared my top 5 favorite Nike's for working out!

Shop it all below! Thank you for stopping by :) 

xx, Ashley