How to wear stripes well...

Ladies ... haven't we all been told at one point or another that stripes are the devil? "They make you look wide!" ... "horizontal stripes are soooo not flattering on anyone" ... blah blah blah. Personally, I'm a fan of stripes in fashion. I think there are a few tips to consider when choosing your pieces, but I'm definitely not afraid to rock horizontal striped dresses, shirts, etc. I think they're super cute! A few things to remember ...

1. One piece of clothing can be stripes, the rest should be solid. No conflicting patterns please!

2. Accessorize the stripes! I have the cutest striped dress (navy & white) and I love to wear a chunky colorful necklace to jazz up the look! 

3. Tone down the bold stripes - keep them thin. Pinstripes are especially cute for either business or casual wear. 

Shop my picks above for some chic striped pieces! I even threw some shoes & swimsuits in there as well :)