Mama + Me Class: Music Together...

London playing the guitar with Lenka, our Music Together teacher! 

London playing the guitar with Lenka, our Music Together teacher! 

Since I stay home with London, I think it's very important that I integrate classes and activities into our schedule! Let's be honest, classes are great for kids but they're pretty necessary for us mama's too :)

After doing my research and reading parent reviews online, I decided to register for a 10-week Music Together class. Arriving bright and early on a Monday morning we received a warm greeting by the teacher, Lenka, as well as the other parents. London was a little apprehensive and spent a majority of the 45-minute class just observing and taking it all in. I'm not going to lie, I felt a little out of place also, as I didn't know any of the songs! After the first session though, we received a CD containing 25 of the "music together" songs as well as a music book. This was SO helpful for both of us to become familiar with the songs and we played it at home as well as in the car! 

By the second class I noticed that instead of sitting in my lap, London was dancing, clapping, playing with the instruments and even mimicking the hand motions to some of the songs! I couldn't believe it! Over the course of 10 weeks, I watched her soak up more and more. One day at home, she even slapped her knees while singing "hey jim along jim along josie, hey jim along jim along joe!" (one of the music together tunes!) It's incredible how proud I felt! I've also noticed that she has started trotting around the house, which is something that she has seen the older kids do in class. 


Our teacher Lenka did a wonderful job of making our meetings feel intimate and inclusive. She kept the children engaged by singing their names, dancing all over the room, playing instruments, and even using props such as flowy scarves. She also strongly encourages parents to participate, which is great for the kids to see! We enjoyed our "Mixed Age" class which included babies as well as some children that were almost 4 years old! London liked watching and learning from the older kids and I think the older kids like to show the younger ones how it's done :) 

The new winter session is beginning next month and we are so excited to join for another 10 week session! I can't wait to see how London grows even more musically! Classes are offered at various times all week, but I like to go on Monday mornings ... it gives us something to look forward too :)

If you would like to sign up, you can do so here OR try a demo class first with no obligation to sign up! Happy Singing!

xx,  Ashley