Overnight: Portland, Maine

Yesterday, Lo and I hit the road for a little road trip to our favorite place ever...MAINE! As soon as I cross over the state line, I feel like I breathe a sigh of relief. My heart instantly feels happy to be "home." After all, even though we are Massachusetts residents, Maine will always be our home. Ok ... enough of the sappy talk! London and I had big plans! We made our way to my in-laws beautiful condo right in the heart of Portland. I was lucky enough to get a few hours baby-free (let's be honest, we all need a break sometimes!) and so I snuck off to Soakology with a girlfriend of mine (who is also a fellow Mommy that needed some relief!) Soakology is this amazing foot-soaking sanctuary ... basically an oasis that I wish I could just inhabit. It's INSANELY amazing. The soaks are a delicious concoction of essential oils, florals, herbs, coconut milk, and more all with a specific purpose to meet your needs. Personally, I chose the "tension relief foot soak" (for obvious reasons ... and if it's not obvious, it's because I chase my yummy 9-month old around all day!) It was so perfect and relaxing to sit in these giant chairs; my feet soaking in a basin of goodness while a massage therapist went to work on my head, neck and shoulders because oh yea, by the way, they offer massages too! It just keeps getting better and better! The food offered is also pretty spectacular. The menu contains perfect small plates, a variety of yummy teas, and spritzers. We indulged a little (duh!) and I can attest that the apples w/nutella are a MUST HAVE ... including the strawberry spritzer! Next level. I can't wait to go back to Soakology - this time with my husband so he can enjoy it as well! I would highly recommend this to anyone making a trip to Portland!

Check out the photos below of our time there, plus some additional photos from our walk to East End beach and London's new handmade sweater by her Mimi!