Quick Winter Getaway!

One of the great aspects of living in Boston is that we are so incredibly close to our favorite Maine spot, Kennebunkport. Chris has had such a busy season, that we really haven't been able to sneak away much at all...so when I saw an opportunity, I jumped at it! We weren't able to spend Valentines Day together, so I thought this past Saturday would be a great time for us to get away for the night. I had planned to leave after Chris's 4pm game on Saturday, of course hoping that everything would go according to play (a.k.a. Northeastern would win and the game would go by fairly quickly). Well, the complete opposite happened. The refs decided to call a million fouls in the second half and the game went into OT! Yes, that's overtime. Also, just to add a little more excitement, when we left the roads were covered in snow and absolutely terrible. We had to battle some elements to get there, but we finally made it to our destination at 9:00 PM. 
I had planned for us to eat dinner and stay at The Boathouse Waterfront Hotel right in downtown Kennebunkport. The winter rates are SO great ($139/night) and I had heard great things about the restaurant on site (Davids KPT) there as well. Some of our friends had braved the storm to meet us for dinner (that we were one hour late for!) .. Bless their hearts. In regards to the food, we ordered the calamari to start and it was fabulous. Chris's entree, mac n cheese was a hit but honestly, I wasn't feeling my burger. I have to get everything "well done" so it's probably more my fault than theirs. The truffle fries on the other hand...AMAZE. When we got to our room, we were not disappointed. The walk-in shower was large and modern with organic soaps and shampoos. There was a homemade whoopie pie waiting for us in the room, which is always the way to my heart. The beds were very comfortable and we both got a great night sleep! Another awesome aspect of David's is that the restaurant serves breakfast! It's hard to find an actual sit down restaurant for breakfast in Kennebunkport. There are a lot of cafes and bakeries...but not so many restaurants so we are definitely going to keep this in mind when we are back for our summer beach getaway! All in all, we really enjoyed our stay! If you're looking for a place to escape for the evening, I would highly recommend Davids!