Lush Cosmetics: Fresh Face Masks

As a little follow up to my previous post, "Caring For Your Face"  I am happy to say that I tried a face mask last night for the first time in a LONG, wayyy to long. My friend was visiting from out of town, and she had read about the fresh face masks from Lush in a beauty magazine. While shopping on Newbury Street yesterday, we happened to pass Lush and decided to check them out! Disclaimer: Be prepared to be overwhelmed (understatement) with smells when you walk in the's a little ridic. These vegan face masks are kept in a cooler in the back of the store, and sold in 2oz containers - only meant for use up to 7 days. There are so many different kinds, each made specially for certain skin types.

Personally, I'm dealing with blemishes and have really sensitive (already oily) skin, so I was looking for something calming and somewhat drying. The mask that I chose, "Catastrophe Cosmetic." is packed with blueberries, which are a great source of antioxidants, and soothing calamine blue oil that specifically calms redness. A few of the other ingredients include: wild orange oil, irish moss, talc, chamomile, and lime. So last night, I removed my make up and spread the mask all over. After about 10 minutes I rinsed my face with warm water and applied my toner and moisturizer. My face felt AMAZING. It was so smooth and bright! This morning, I was happy to see that a few of my blemishes were dried up! I will definitely be using this mask every night this week - and will probably go back for more! 

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