Caring For Your Face!

This post is going to be informative for you (I hope), but also pretty therapeutic for me. I'm super self-indulgent like that. I have been STRUGGLING with my skin lately. I know, I know - most of you will be thinking "you're pregnant, it's the hormones!" and I wish I could blame it on that, trust me...but I've been dealing with full on blemishes since last summer. Every fall, post sunshine and a tan, I notice a drastic change in my skin. The oils are flowing, blemishes start small and before I know it, I've got full on deep cystic spots on my cheeks and chin. It's something I never dealt with until my mid-twenties, and I'm not sure I handled it correctly at first, but I'm trying to make a concerted effort now. If you're struggling now or have ever struggled with proper skin care, or are just frustrated (as I am) with it all, I hope this post helps a little!
Here are my tips to caring for your face...

1. Wear Sunscreen.

I am a sun worshiper! I grew up watching my beautiful Italian mother lather her skin with baby oil, and bake outside in the sun. (Disclaimer: My mother was, and still is, the best ever) Naturally, I took a liking to the sun and getting as bronzed as possible every summer. Thankfully, I've only suffered a few bad sunburns in my day, thanks to my skin tone, but it wasn't until recently that I started wearing sunscreen - mainly on my face and chest. I now use at least 15-30 SPF at all times when out in the sun. As I get ready to enter into my 30's, it's important that I'm proactive in the prevention of wrinkles and dark spots. It's never too late to protect your skin!

2. Sleep On Your Back.

YOU GUYS! I'm definitely a stomach and side sleeper, so I really need to make an effort to flip to my back! Otherwise, I'll develop lovely wrinkles around my nose and eyes. Think of how many hours a night we're sleeping...if your face is smooshed into your pillow for 8 straight hours, it's no wonder you wake up with deep lines on your face! I know it's hard to do, but maybe try to START by sleeping on your back...begin to train your body to do what YOU want it to do.

3. Don't Pick.

(I am so bad at this) My mother always yells at me when she sees my hands around my face. It's SO tempting to squeeze pimples TO DEATH but it's not worth the scars afterwards. I'm dealing with that now. Without a tan, you can definitely see the dark spots from the past few years of picking and popping. Get a great concealer for daytime, and for night time get spot treatment. Our bodies repair overnight, so this is a great time to let your night cream or acne spot treatment do the work!

4. Consult With a Doctor.

Last fall, I made the decision to talk to my doctor about what was happening with my skin. I had tried LOTS of skin care lines and acne treatments...but nothing seemed to be working. I was prescribed Retin-A to use 2-3x/weekly. My doctor told me to give it a solid 3 months, and I should start to see results. It definitely helped my skin A LOT. I was having a lot of luck with it and using it consistently, right up until I found out I was pregnant. I can't use it during pregnancy or while I breastfeed, but after that you better believe I'll pick right up with it! Highly recommend consulting a doctor...don't suffer through it, you have options!

5. Remove Your Makeup At Night.

This is one thing I am surprisingly solid at. I hate going to bed with make up on only to wake up with my eyes sealed shut or bloodshot from mascara. Gross! Has it happened before? Yes, but certainly not often. As I mentioned previously, overnight our bodies do a lot of repairing and it is prior to bedtime that we should be washing our faces, using a toner, applying night cream, eye cream and spot treatment if needed.