Stocking Stuffer Ideas!

10 days until Christmas....Who's getting excited?! This girl is right here! I am frantically trying to finish the last of our shopping and tie up loose ends, which include...gathering stocking stuffers for my guy. I LOVE digging through my stocking every year - it's so fun! I'm here to provide some ideas for stockings...most are unisex, some are not - and I think you'll be able to figure those out! 
1. Gift cards - $10 Starbucks or iTunes gift cards are always a good idea!
2. Nail polish - They have the cute mini ones you can buy and throw in
3. Bobby-pins/Hair Ties - Let's be honest, we all need them! They'll be gone in less than a month's time because they always mysteriously disappear, but it's a good thought just the same
4. Magazines - I love a good US Weekly or Shape! mag. For Chris, I usually get him the Men's Fitness or Men's Health and he loves it
5. Candles - Anyone can use these...
6. Deoderant - Sometimes the practical stuffers are the best stuffers. I love getting this in my stocking because it means one less thing I have to remember to buy at the store
7. Body lotion- Again, always a great practical stuffer! You can get the cute mini lotion to keep in the purse, or go big with the normal size lotion for home - either way, it's a good look.
8. Candy - Since I'm married to Willy Wonka, this is a MUST for stockings in our house. Any candy will do...just have to have lots of it :) 
9. Chapstick - Perfect time of year for a new tube, isn't it? It's dry, cold and the lips are usually in need of some TLC right about now
10. Coffee mug - Chris has mentioned a few times that he needs a travel mug for his coffee...soooo, I figured this would be a great stuffer (I hope he doesn't read this!)