Best Dressed: American Music Awards!

Last night, my mother, sister and I watched the AMA's and couldn't help but notice the fashion choices of course! Quickly, in terms of performances, I really LOVED Nicki Minaj and Skylar Grey's "Bed of Lies!" I wish Nicki did EVERY song like that - I think it's beautiful and she looked great last night. Obviously, I'll join the entire universe is praising Taylor Swift because I LOVE her new album, especially the song "Blank Space" which she opened the show with last night. The performance was super quirky and fun, and I just love seeing this new side of Taylor! Yes, I still think she's super awkward on stage, but it's kind of endearing - she doesn't take herself too seriously and I like that.

Now for the FASHION! 

1. Selena Gomez - She wore my favorite look of the night with this classic black Armani dress that clung to her body in all the right places. I thought she looked stunning!


2. Rita Ora - This was a great overall look. From her trendy "top-knot" hairstyle to the bright yellow Zac Posen and fresh makeup - she delivered it flawlessly.


3. Kate Beckinsale - She's timeless. I have a soft spot for white gowns, and I thought she was a showstopper in this one! Her necklace was perfect for this dress - I'm not usually one for the big, gawdy jewels but this really accented the look beautifully!


4. Julianne Hough - She presented last night, which is where I first spotted her dress, and it looked SO great on her. The color was amazing, and her blonde hair slicked back and away from her face was perfect!


5. Jhene Aiko - I totally wasn't expecting this from her, so I think that's why I was really taken by it. I think it's classic and sweet - the accented collar is beautiful and I really liked the color for this time of year. 

Jhene Aiko