Healthy Lifestyle...

Chris and I love to eat healthy the majority of the time. Yes...I know I post some "sweet" recipes, but those are few and far between...and it's all about moderation right? We are very "routine driven" people, so for us to eat the same thing everyday isn't a big deal. A typical breakfast for us is a smoothie/juice (consisting of raspberries, blueberries, mango, carrots, kale, oranges, and apples), oatmeal with cinnamon, and a few hard boiled or cooked eggs each. I genuinely look forward to this every morning, and my sweet husband gets up before me and lays it all out. For lunch, we go with deli turkey, provolone cheese, avocado on wheat bread, and I usually have some Pirates Booty puffs with my lunch. I'm all about snacking throughout the day as well. We brings things like apples, granola bars, almonds, and yogurt with us to work so when we get hungry we don't make bad decisions. Generally for dinner we have either turkey burger/turkey tacos, salmon, or chicken paired with some type of vegetable (usually broccoli, asparagus, or zucchini), and a good carb like sweet potato, brown rice, or quinoa. We don't consider this a "diet"'s just the way we eat and the way we ENJOY eating. I do realize it's not like the way most people enjoy eating...but it works for us and makes us feel good from the inside out! Do I like a fat juicy burger with greasy fries every now and again? Sure do...and I definitely don't deprive myself. One or two meals on the weekend, I like to indulge, but generally, this is how we like to eat. 

Here is a sample breakfast and dinner for you...For breakfast, thats our smoothies, eggs, and oatmeal and of course in the dinner photo you see salmon with asparagus over risotto! 

photo 1                photo 2