Creative Costumes for Halloween!

1. "Partly Cloudy with a Chance of Showers" I was this one year and people loved it! It's super easy to create. Wear a light blue shirt and pants (I wore my nursing scrubs at the time), paste cotton balls in clusters all over the outfit, for the "partly cloudy" portion. Fill a squirt bottle with water - and there's your chance of showers!

2. "A Deviled Egg"

This is actually my costume this year! I plan on going to target today to get my devil horns and a plain white t-shirt. I'll wear the red pants and converses that I already own, and for the "egg" part - I am going to use white poster board to make a large cutout of an "over easy egg" and then yellow construction paper to cut a circle and make the yolk! I will then pin the "egg" to the front of my shirt to create a "Deviled Egg!"

3. "Ceiling Fan"

Wear all black and paste (or safety pin) the word "ceiling" all over. Get a pom-pom and you have become a ceiling fan!


4. "One Night Stand"

Of course, I don't condone one-night stands ever, but I saw this costume and thought it was pretty funny. You make the "night stand" out of cardboard and cut a hole in the middle for your body to go through. It should set on top of your shoulders. Do the same thing to a cheap table cloth so it hangs around the cardboard to look like an actual table. A lampshade can then be put on your head, and you have created a "one night stand"...get it? Funny right? I thought so...


5. "Broccoli Spears"

Get a green clown wig and wear a school girl outfit and you've got yourself some broccoli spears. You're welcome.

6. "Jay Crew"

Polo shirt and khakis with a good ole "Jay Crew" name tag and you're good!

7. "Pig In A Blanket" a pig nose, ears and tail...wear pink if you have it and wrap yourself in a blanket...TA-DAAA!!!