Sweet Escape (Part II)

Part II is for the foodies out there. My family and friends know that nothing gets me more excited than trying new restaurants and cuisines...it's literally SO much fun for me. There are loads of places to eat in Kennebunkport...and I'm about to showcase my favorite spots just for you!

1. Earth at Hidden Pond 

What We Love: EVERYTHING! (No, but seriously, everything!) The grounds are absolutely stunning, the decor is like no other...I can't even describe it you just HAVE to go. Farm to table dishes to die for and very tasty drinks! Plan on spending at least $100 on dinner/drinks for two!

2. Bandaloop

What We Love: Another restaurant that uses organic and locally grown food in its dishes! Also, everything is made in house! There's a variety of dishes to choose from and it seems that everything has a bit of a twist! Chris and I got the peach/raspberry cobbler for dessert and it was fantastic! Another plus...great downtown location!

3. Mabel's

What We Love: You can't come to Kennebunkport and NOT go to Mabel's Lobster Claw Restaurant! Great seafood in a casual atmosphere...perfect for lunch outside on a nice day! The Bush's frequent this spot whenever they visit their vacation home! I loved the fried haddock sandwich and the lobster roll did not disappoint either. There is also an ice cream window attached with the best butter pecan around!

4. White Barn Inn

What We Love: We went here on our mini-moon and it was quite the experience! We wined and dined for 2.5 hours on a 4-course meal! The food was next level...we could cut our filet with a butter knife it was so tender! For us, it was a bit stuffy but definitely fun to try for something like an anniversary or birthday! Be prepared to spend some money though...our dinner was over $300! 

5. Abbondante

What We Love: This is where we went post-engagement SO naturally, I love this place, but it really is very good! If you're in the mood for Italian food this is certainly the spot! It's casual dining but the lighting is dim so it still has that romantic feel. Also, there's a big stone fireplace in the middle of the restaurant which is stunning. Honestly, I don't remember what I ate that night, if anything (I was so in shock!) but I remember the positive reviews of my family and friends!