Boston Dining: Coppa

Happy Tuesday To All! Sorry I'm just getting this to you - I've been sick for the last few days so I'm trying to lay low, rest and relax as much as possible. I know you might be thinking "is blogging really not relaxing?" and to that I say....nice point. Just let me off the hook this time ok? Ok, thanks :)

Chris and I went to dinner at the coolest spot in the South End called Coppa. It has been on our radar since we discovered the chef there is also the chef at our favorite restaurant of all time, Earth at Hidden Pond in Maine. Coppa definitely did not disappoint and we are already brainstorming about the family/friends that would love it there too! It's a tiny place so it fills up really quick...but the atmosphere is really chill and relaxed which we liked. It's also very dim and has a romantic vibe as well.

To start, we ordered the fried risotto balls and sangria. Game over. For our entrees, I went with the rigatoni con pork sagu and Chris with the semolina pasta con chicken sausage and broccoli. Both dishes were extremely flavorful. We were in and out in an hour, which was perfect since I wasn't feeling well anyway. Side note: The bread is unreal and I had six pieces.

We definitely recommend this spot! Make reservations if you can - you will LOVE it!

IMG_5626   IMG_5630