Malia's 10-Month Update...



It’s true. One of the things I was looking forward to this most was my FIRST KISS and Malia gave me my first drooly, boogery (she has a cold) kiss and I loved every second of it!!! Why are baby kisses just the sweetest thing in the world?! I can’t even believe she’s old enough to give me kisses and understand when I say “give mommy a kiss!” Melts my heart!

I feel like she has just exploded in personality the last month. She loves to clap, point to everything, play pass with her special red ball, and dance by shaking her hands when music is playing. She is the sweetest girl in the world…and just so SO happy all of the time. I said to Chris the other day, “does she ever cry?!” Honestly, unless she’s tired or hungry… the answer is no. Even then, she fusses it’s never really a full blown cry. We are just so blessed by her calm disposition - especially with a spunky little (almost) 4-year old - it’s nice to have a little change of pace ;)


Our only big sleep update is that I think she has officially dropped her third nap! I’m not going to lie - it’s perfect timing with the weather being nice because being stuck inside on a beautifully sunny afternoon sounds less than fun! She is currently taking a morning nap, usually 9AM(ish) - 10:30AM … and her afternoon nap is between 1-1:30PM! She still goes to bed around 6:30PM every night and sleeps until around 6:45/7AM (Thank you, Jesus for giving us another good sleeper!)


Malia eats 3 meals a day and gets four bottles as always. We are starting to think about dropping some bottles…just not sure when. I went cold turkey with London at 12 months and she adjusted great. I remember being so nervous about it and this time I feel fine. I really think Malia will do great and adjust easily. She’s such a big girl…so tall and she weighs a lot for her age group too, that I think I’ll just have to make sure she’s getting some good snacks in :) I’ll tell you one thing though…I am SO ready to get rid of bottles and stop buying formula!!!

She LOVES food. She will basically eat whatever I put in front of her. I made turkey chili the other day which had a tiny kick to it - so I didn’t think she would like it - and she DEVOURED it. She loved the kidney beans! She is a big fan of strawberries and broccoli right now! She’s also coming around on eggs, which I’m happy about! She wasn’t sure of them for awhile there :)



Malia LOVES to do anything that London is doing. She loves to play instruments and anything that crinkles (aka plastic bottles! HA!) or makes a loud bang. She thinks it’s super funny to drop food on the floor (I, on the other hand, do NOT!). She loves to play pass. If I say, “Malia! Go get your ball!” … she will crawl right over and grab her ball and legit throw it to me. She loves to play with the toy kitchen and all of the food in the basket. She LOVES books! Anything with flaps or something she can touch and feel. She loves when I make animal noises…thinks it’s hysterical that a duck says “quack quack” :) … for whatever reason, I’ll never know! She will play in the tubby for a good 15-20 minutes every night, which is PERFECT because it’s a little break for me. I love putting her and Lo in together because they just play and she mostly watches what Lo is doing.

She is just the happiest, sweetest baby and I cannot believe so soon we will be celebrating her FIRST birthday! I don’t know where the time went :( It makes me so sad but at the same time, just so excited for whats to come!

Happy Tuesday! I hope it’s a good one and that you all have the best week ever!

xx, Ashley

Father's Day Gift Ideas...


I love when Father’s Day approaches because celebrating Chris and the kind of Dad that he is, is one of my favorite things. Of course - I love honoring my own amazing father too (truly the most hardworking person I know!) … and it’s fun for the girls, especially London, because I get to include her in the prep aka doing special things for her own Daddy!

I can’t give too much away about our plans, since sometimes Chris pops on the blog ;) …BUT I’ve started to set up a few things. I typically give one gift but I tend to like to plan activities / or something we can do with the girls. Spending time together as a family is the most important part so while I usually do a gift or two, planning the day out is what I love most.

For those who are like, YEP…I’m gonna stay in my lane and give a few gifts, I GOTCHU! :) Here are a few ideas - mostly from Nordstrom and Amazon because who doesn’t love two-day free shipping?! Enjoy!

xx, Ashley

My Baby Must-Haves...

Happy Monday!

My sister is due ANY day with my new niece or nephew and we are all anxiously awaiting the arrival! It feels like it has gone by so fast (probably not that way for my sis! hehe!) … but it got me thinking about my “must haves” for baby again. There are a few things that I feel like I couldn’t live without for London…and I discovered another 2-3 things that I would add to my list since having Malia. One of those things is the bathtub seat! It’s under $40 and has just made our life so much easier. I don’t have to worry about Malia falling (since she wants to stand up now) and since she’s been able to hold up her head…we have been using the seat so the girls can take baths together. Saves time and my sanity! Another favorite is the Baby Bjorn bouncer. I used this multiple times a day all over the house, as it is easily portable - and super light to move! We had a toy bar for ours…so our typical routine was to feed Malia in the morning, then put her in the seat to play with her toys that were attached while we got London up and situated for breakfast and such. I highly recommend it!


Another MUST HAVE in my option is the 4Moms portable playard. HONESTLY, I cannot even tell you the amount of times we have used this. We take it every time we travel - it has made numerous flights with us with zero problems…and the the size is what matters to me. It is bigger than a normal pack n play… aka I feel like the girls have more room. We took three trips in March and brought this on every one and London, who is almost 4 years old, happily slept in it (and slept WELL I might add) :) We will have it for the next 3-4 years for Malia…and I’m so glad we bought it…it’s been BEYOND worth it.

Here are a few other favorites for baby if you’re expecting, know someone who is, or you have a newborn!

xx, Ashley

Big Announcement...


I’m officially part of the Arbonne team!


I couldn’t be more excited. One week ago, I decided to embark on this new venture in conjunction with the blog/social media piece that is already a part of my life. It has been such a fun week - I can’t even tell you how happy I am that I said YES to starting this business.

I wanted to answer some of the questions that I have gotten through Instagram about Arbonne and WHY I decided to join as a consultant, what I love about the company, what I love about the products, etc!


This is a really easy one to answer and there are definitely a few reasons. The first is, I wanted to find a way to help my family more financially from home, through my phone and social media platform that I have already worked to establish. I do make money from blogging and collaborations with brands, but I feel a bit frustrated with Instagram and was definitely ready to change it up and add something NEW! I also LOVE everything that Arbonne encompasses as a brand and what their mission is. It’s about helping people and teaching them the best ways to live a healthier, cleaner lifestyle and sharing that with as many people as possible!

Why Arbonne?

GREAT QUESTION! Arbonne is the #1 Global Health Care company in the world. The WORLD. Their products are NON-TOXIC, cruelty-free, botanically-based and they ban nearly 2,000 harmful ingredients, abiding my European standards. Did you know that the FDA bans less than 20? TWENTY?!

I love that Arbonne isn’t pigeon-holed to one thing. There is literally something for everyone. Need help with your skin? Got it. Need new makeup? Done. Want to learn how to live a healthier lifestyle and have more ENERGY every day? The health/wellness portion has that covered. There’s even a baby line, men’s line, hair products, essential oils, etc. I LOVE that about Arbonne.

What’s going to happen with the blog?

The blog is here to stay :) I am going to work to deliver 1-2 blog posts per week as I have done in the past. I will still continue to post about my mom life and family life … and YES London will still be on IG stories :) (I can’t tell you how many questions I got about London. She truly is the star. I should thank her for my followers!) HAHA! Everything is going to stay the same in that regard … I will just be sharing Arbonne and products that I love … and hopefully that you guys grow to love!

Could Arbonne Be For Me?

I’ll tell you what made it easy for me to answer this question - and maybe you can ask yourself the same questions…

1. Do you want to live a pure/healthy lifestyle?

2. Do you want to earn extra money every month?

3. Do you want to be your own boss?

4. Do you want to work through your phone and the power of social media?

5. Do you like having a low start up cost? (It’s literally $49 to start your business. There is no autofill, no minimum orders … no gimicks. Trust me, I fell on the floor when I found this out!)

6. Do you like helping other people?

When I answered yes to those questions…I knew that I couldn’t wait any longer. I did my research like a maniac because that’s just how I am…but I am also one week in and I’m ALLLL IN. I don’t know how to do things halfway…so I jumped in and I have already learned SO much. I joined a team of amazing women that are SO inspiring and have created a sisterhood. I feel so supported and it’s just been such a blessing thus far. I am so excited to share this continually with you all!

If you are interested in learning more about the business side of things - I would LOVE to share more with you. It can absolutely lead to more financial freedom for your family and more flexibility. I am watching it already and I am only one week in. My only wish, was that I joined sooner!!!

Shoot me an email at: or just message me on Instagram :) I promise I will respond as quickly as possible!

Malia's 9-Month Update...


Hey guys! You’re long overdue for a MALIA update - and I know that because you keep sending me messages about what she’s eating nowadays, how she’s sleeping, what she’s up too, etc! :) I love it, you keep me on track!

She is 9 months and 10 days old! I can’t believe how fast it goes with your second baby…it’s crazy! I took her to her appointment and she is OFF the charts for height. She is 30.5” tall! Ahhh! The doctor told me the average 3-year old is 36 inches so, thus far she has the tall genes! At this age, London was 28.5”! It’s just crazy to see how different it can be from child to child! Not only is she SUPER tall, but she’s also weighing in at a whopping 22lbs - which is 93% for her age :) Bless her heart - that’s why she loves food so much and eats just as much as London sometimes (because, you know, TODDLERS!)

I thought I would break the update down a bit…so here you go :)

How she’s sleeping…


From about 6-8 months we went through a phase where her naps were really unpredictable and mostly SHORT. Ugh! It was really frustrating but I knew I couldn’t complain much since she was sleeping 12 hours through the night! She has been doing that since 13 weeks and never really went backwards…her sleep has only gotten better.

Her nap/sleep schedule looks something like this: 1st nap 9AM - 10/10:30AM, 2nd nap 12/12:30pm - 1:30/2PM and a 30-minute cat nap between 3:30/4:00PM. Her bedtime is anywhere between 6:30PM - 7PM and she sleeps until between 6:30-7AM. We are SO thankful that she sleeps like this, because we know it isn’t always the case. We followed the same book with both girls, and I will say - they are both wonderful sleepers. The book is called “12 Hours of Sleep by 12 Weeks” and we swear by it!


How she’s eating…

She eats everything now, except for honey of course! She eats three meals a day as we do, breakfast, lunch and dinner, and sometimes she has a snack! She gets four bottles a day; one right when she wakes up, around 10:30/11am, when she wakes from her second nap around 2:30pm, and before bed. I would say she takes in anywhere from 24-28 ounces per day…which again, is more than London did at this age. Every child is different so if you’re reading this and thinking “Oh no, my daughter (or son) isn’t drinking this” it’s OK…don’t stress. They always end up getting what they need. Our doctor does suggest that they eat three meals a day by this age though - so I think that’s a good goal to shoot for if you aren’t doing that already (but as always, consult your doctor first).

Some of her favorite foods include: blueberries, strawberries, cantaloupe (she really loves all fruit!), zucchini, asparagus, avocado, black beans and cheese quesadillas, salmon, and chicken!

What she’s doing…

Malia started crawling when we were in Disney, as she turned 8-months old! She hasn’t stopped since and I think that has a lot to do with having an older sibling and wanting to do what they are doing! She pulls herself to standing and “couch surfs” a.k.a. takes small steps while holding onto the couch. She can stand on her own for a few seconds and I feel like she’ll be an early walker like her sister!

She LOVES books! She definitely already has her favorites; anything that she can touch and feel, pop-up books, or books with flaps - she especially loves those! She likes to play with wooden blocks and knock down any tower that I build :) She is very into playing her version of pass with a ball…which is her rolling it anywhere in the room and crawling after it (she does this over and over…so cute!) She has a few favorite stuffies and sleeps with her mini bunny blanket now…cuddles right into it. So adorable. I just can’t believe how fast she is growing. She is a sweet, calm, and relaxed baby girl. We are all so blessed by her presence…truly the sweetest little angel baby that melts my heart every day!

I hope you all have an amazing day!

xx, Ashley

Mother's Day Gift Ideas...

I LOVE doing this post every year because it’s for the MAMAS! I always try to share a variety of gift ideas and some ideas in case you want to TREAT YO’SELF if you’re a mommy and you’re reading this :)

I love spending the day with my little family; we never have to do anything crazy extravagant, but just being together is the BEST. I’m praying for nice weather this year! Come on Spring!

Here are some cute MD ideas for the mom in your life! Have a great week!

xx, Ashley

Target Mother's Day Haul...

Happy Tuesday!

Last night I went to Target to scour the aisles for some Mother’s Day inspo! There are so many cute things (naturally) that I wanted to buy for myself but I have will power!! :) I shared all of them with the swipe up links on my Instagram stories but just in case you missed them, you can shop them below!

I tried to share a variety of options - gift ideas for the fit mom, some home decor ideas, even a vacuum because that’s the kind of gift I want (ha!) and more! Shop below by clicking any of the items!

Stay tuned for more Mother’s Day guides! Have a beautiful day!

How To Do Disney With Kids...


I can’t believe our Disney trip has come and gone! We had been planning to go as a family for a year and there was so much excitement and anticipation leading up to the week! My parents have a time share at Disney’s Contemporary Resort, which is where we always stayed growing up as kids. It’s SO fun to go back now and bring our own children to experience all of the fun and magic that Disney encompasses! My sister and her family came on the trip as well - and we all stayed in a three-bedroom villa which was absolutely gorgeous with views of Magic Kingdom; we watched the fireworks every night from our balcony…it was amazing.

While we were there I got LOTS of messages from people saying they had a trip coming up and were super nervous/wanted tips etc. All I have to say is YES, Disney is a BEAST of a place and it’s completely exhausting, but it’s ALWAYS worth it. If you go in with a few tips + tricks and a plan, then you will dominate it! This was London’s third time at Disney World (she’s 3.5 years old) and each trip gets better because she remembers more and more. The look on her face makes it me so happy. Bringing Malia added a new layer and definitely took more thinking in terms of coordinating naps, mixing bottles etc., but it was absolutely amazing and I’m so glad she experienced it with us. I know people say “I’m not going to take my kids to Disney until they can remember it” and I get that, but for us we just feel like the entire process of travel in general brings new learning experiences for our children and opportunities for them to grow, step outside of their comfort zone, and expand their minds…plus THE MEMORIES.

Ok, it’s time for TIPS + TRICKS on how to get the most out of your time there and also the best parks/things to do if you have a toddler/small child! There are certain parks (ahem, EPCOT) that I wouldn’t take the time to go to if you have kids the same age as mine. I’ll get to that in a little :)

Helpful Tips…

  • Bring your own snacks and waters to the parks. Unless you want to spend $5 on a bottled water I recommend you pack your own! They let you do this so we stashed 4-5 waters in the storage bin of the stroller. I also pack a bunch of snacks in my luggage or buy snacks at a store outside of Disney when we arrive. I bring individual packs of goldfish, raisins, cheez-its, apple sauce pouches, etc.

  • Plan Fast Passes in advance. If you want a super popular ride like Peter Pan’s Flight at the Magic Kingdom, I would book a fast pass ahead of time for this! We did our fast passes a few days before our trip and we were able to get on all of the rides / see all of the shows that we wanted too (I made a list below of our favorites by theme park).

  • Schedule a CHARACTER DINING experience. When London was 18-months old and obsessed with Mickey Mouse, we booked a brunch at “Chef Mickey’s” at the Contemporary so she could meet all of the characters in one place. We did this instead of waiting in line at Magic Kingdom to see each individual character which would have been less than fun with a child her age :) This year, we made reservations at Cinderella’s Royal Table which is located at the top of the castle in Magic Kingdom! London was in heaven! Each princess (Cinderella, Ariel, Snow White, Aurora, and Jasmine) comes around to your table while you are eating to chat and take photos. It’s WELL WORTH the money to see them all in one place! (*book these experiences well in advance! We also did a separate fast pass to meet Tiana and Rapunzel because they weren’t at the breakfast)

  • Bring your own stroller. I don’t recommend renting a stroller there - mostly because they look SUPER uncomfortable and there’s no storage underneath (which I count on). As of May 2019, there are new standards for strollers in terms of length and width, so make sure you check on the website before you pack your own. I’m sure the travel umbrella strollers would work fine. My sister has an almost two-year old and they used something similar to this one. We love the Babyzen YOYO stroller (as I have mentioned a bunch before) and they have an attachment/ride along board which is AMAZING!

  • Utilize the Baby Care Center. They have these in all four theme parks and they’re wonderful. There is a private nursing room with rocking chairs, a place to change your baby and highchairs to feed older babies as well! There is also a shop that sells formula, diapers, sunscreen, wipes, baby food, etc., should you have forgotten any of those things.

Our Favorite Parks / Rides + Shows…

Magic Kingdom

We spend the most time here every year, for obvious reasons - it’s the main park! There are amazing rides but also daily parades and shows! Here are our favorite rides/shows to see!

  • It’s A Small World (We never get a fast pass for this one - the line is always manageable)

  • The Voyage of the Little Mermaid

  • Dumbo the Flying Elephant

  • Peter Pan’s Flight (Crowd favorite! Book your fast pass well in advance for this one!)

  • Pirates of the Caribbean

  • “Festival of Fantasy” Parade at 3PM daily

  • Country Bear Jamboree

  • “Mickey’s Royal Friendship Faire” show (On the stage in front of the castle)

*I HIGHLY recommend the nightly fireworks show! London is 3.5 so we had her take a later nap so she could go (It starts at 9:15pm), but it is SO beautiful and worth it. London was completely mesmerized and honestly, so was I!

Animal Kingdom

We LOVE Animal Kingdom. It is so beautiful and probably my second favorite park after Magic Kingdom (It’s my husband’s favorite!) We never do many rides here because we’ve only always spent a half a day…but our top 3 are listed below. It’s just SO beautiful! The photo below of London meeting Pocahontas was when she was 2.5 years old - she loved it!

  • Kilimanjaro Safari

  • Festival of the Lion King Show

  • Pocahontas Character Meet & Greet

Hollywood Studios - If you only have 2-3 days at Disney as a whole, skip Hollywood Studios. We had 4-5 days so we went here, but I think you would want at least two days at Magic Kingdom and a day at Animal Kingdom! Here is what we did at Hollywood Studios…

  • Disney Junior Dance Party

  • For The First Time In Forever Frozen Sing-a-long

  • Beauty and the Beast Live on Stage

  • Character Meet & Greet: Princess Sofia

I hope you’ve found this helpful! If you have any questions you can post them here or on my latest Instagram post (not the giveaway) and I will probably be able to respond quicker! Love you all!

xx, Ashley

Prepping To Fly With Two...

Hey guys! I feel like I haven’t posted much the past month or so because it’s been so insanely busy! We went on two trips in March and just recently took both girls to Disney World…so needless to say - we are kind of exhausted :) I ran a poll on my Instagram to see what you guys wanted for content; a “how to” when it comes to Disney with kids or prepping to fly with two and it was pretty even so guess what - I’m going to do both!

I decided to start with flying with two because that one did slightly have more votes! Last month I posted “How To Travel With Your Three Year Old” because London and I have traveled so much together I feel like we have that down! Adding Malia, who is 8-months old, to the crew was SO much fun but also adds A LOT more to think about, plan for, and pack :)

How I prep for flights with two…

I ALWAYS make a list. This time I made one for each child and divided it into things I need for my carry-on and things I need to pack in general. I brought two carry-ons which seemed to work nicely. I did one backpack and a shoulder bag. I hesitated on the shoulder bag but it was actually clutch because it was already open and easy to access PLUS it fit underneath my stroller, which I always use through the airport (I’ll get to this later!). A bag like this would work nicely and I really like this one because of the attached wristlet!


Here is what you can find in my carry-on bags…

Before I go ahead and list everything out - I HIGHLY recommend not just throwing everything in, but organizing things in gallon-sized ziplock bags. This helps IMMENSELY when it comes to fishing things out of the bag efficiently.

Shoulder Bag:

  • Malia’s toys/rattles (gallon bag)

  • Malia’s teethers (I put these in a smaller ziplock bag)

  • Snacks for London (gallon bag) *Some snacks that I typically bring: granola bars, raisins, goldfish, cheez-its, apple sauce pouches, pea crisps, graham crackers and I usually buy a banana and a cheese stick at Starbucks in the airport :)

  • Change of clothes for both (gallon bag)

  • 2 Aden & Anais muslin blankets (these take up no space at all)

  • Burp cloth

  • Carrier (We prefer the Ergo 360 so you can do forward facing but also they can face in when it’s nap time!)


  • Diapers/butt paste for Malia (I recommend butt paste when you travel because you may not be able to change your baby as much as you would at home / they may be in the carrier more so you wouldn’t want them getting a rash!)

  • iPad / kids headphones

  • Water Wow activity (these are a MUST for us!)

  • Books (2-3)

  • Crayons in a ziplock w/a small coloring book

  • Purell hand wipes

  • Gum / dum-dum lollipops

  • Ibuprofen (I like to carry this just in case. London has never had ear pain when flying but since this was Malia’s first flight and she had a cold, I wanted to make sure I had some Ibuprofen on hand!)

My Tips For Getting Through Security / The Airport…

Do you check your stroller? …What do you do with your pack n’ play? … Did you wear one child and push the other in the stroller? … Which carrier do you recommend? These are just a few of the questions I get asked when I travel with London and this past time with both girls.

Firstly, having a GREAT STROLLER makes all the difference and I always GATE CHECK my stroller which means I take it through security and use it to maneuver around the airport then check it right before we board! It is FREE to gate check (at least with JetBlue) and just makes life SO much easier. If I’m traveling with just London, I always use my Babyzen YOYO stroller which folds up, has a shoulder strap like a purse, weighs just 15 pounds, and can fit in the overhead bins of any airplane! Most recently when we traveled with London (3.5 years) and Malia (8 months) we used the Chicco Bravofor2 LE Double stroller and it was MVP of our trip, FOR REAL. London has the option to sit or stand while Malia sits in the front. London fits in the front too, which she loved to do when Malia was in the carrier. The storage bin underneath is HUGE which is another bonus considering it left room for my shoulder bag and carrier when I wasn’t using it. It also folds + unfolds in probably five seconds - no exaggeration.

When is comes to my 4Moms Pack n Play - I always check it underneath the plane and we never have any issues. I bring this when we travel (even though most hotels have their own), because it’s bigger than the standard pack n play … and almost the size of a regular crib!

When going through security I recommend baby-wearing because oftentimes they do make you fold up the stroller which kind of requires two hands. I wore Malia in the Ergo 360 carrier from the time we got to the airport until we got through security.

I like planning flights with the littlest one’s naps. This was pretty easy considering Malia still naps 3 times a day. She slept on the plane for an hour both ways, which was a huge lifesaver! I recommend getting to the airport with plenty of time to grab a few waters, hit the bathroom for the potty and a final diaper change before boarding. I also like to let them get their wiggles out and run around a little bit beforehand, since they won’t be able to move around much on the flight.

I hope I covered it all and I hope this is a help to you in some way! If you have any questions - head to my Instagram page and post them on my latest post so I can get to you quickly. Stay tuned for my “Disney With Littles” post for those who are wondering how to take on the beast that is DISNEY WORLD ;)

Have a wonderful week!



20 Things To Do In Kennebunkport, Maine...

For those of you who follow along here or on my IG, you probably know by now how much I love Maine and how much we, as a family, love to visit Kennebunkport! It’s so special to us for so many reasons. We have vacationed there together for the past 6 years, we got engaged there, my sister was married there and my brother will be married there this October! Ahhh!! So many memories.

Anyway, I am a contributor for the Boston section of Mommy Nearest - and recently wrote an article for them about all the things you can do in Kenebunkport!! I wanted to share it with you guys - so you can check that out HERE!

What I Wear When I Travel...

Since we’ve been traveling a lot this month - I thought I would share what I like to wear to the airport/on the plane. I ALWAYS opt for comfort, especially when I’m traveling with the family - so my Nike Roshe’s are my go-to sneaker. I have them in black/white and also white/white. They’re so ridiculously comfortable! I posted a photo of the black roshe’s below and also, I usually get lots of questions about this leather jacket too. The hood is removable - and I love that because it makes the jacket dressier for a night out and more casual with the hood!

I always tend to wear leggings and I have shared my favorite Lululemon dupe a lot on my Instagram lately - but they’re just TOO GOOD. They’re from Amazon, so you can literally get them in two days if you have Amazon Prime and they come in a bunch of colors. I love how they are thick a.k.a not see-through, and they’re high-waisted so they really hold everything in. Did I mention they’re only $25?! You can see them below…


With my leggings, I usually wear a long t-shirt either white or black … but either way, I make sure it covers my bum! I typically get cold on airplanes, so I will wear a long cardigan like this or my distressed denim jacket from Topshop. I found a similar jacket here. Even if it’s super cold flying from Boston, but I’m going somewhere warmer - I always leave my winter jacket at home and pack a few lighter jackets. I just bought this teddy coat a few weeks back from Amazon ($32) and it’s actually perfect to travel in! It’s surprisingly warm, but also easily squishes into a carry on if needed! I’ve worn it way too many times already - here it is below :)

These spanx leggings in the picture above are always a hit as well - THEY’RE AMAZING. They completely hold everything is but are SUUUUPER comfortable at the same time. They’re faux-leather so they’re perfect for a night out too…but can be dressed down as you see above. They’re actually comfortably enough to travel in - and I bring them on every trip because they’re multi-purpose!

We have another trip in just 10 days and we’re going somewhere SUNNY and tropical, so I’ve got my eye on a few jumpsuits I think would be great to travel in. I like this one that’s sleeveless! I can wear a cardigan or my denim jacket over it and then when we land, I’m dressed appropriately for the warm weather. I also just love the ease of jumpsuits in general. ASOS always has some great options!

Here are a few other things that I would LOVE to travel in…and highly recommend for you if you have a trip coming up!

Stay tuned for where we will be going next!

xx, Ashley

Our Favorite Family Spots in Boston...

We have been living in Boston for almost five years now and have completely fallen in love with the city. When we first moved here Chris and I were newlyweds and we got our first apartment together in the cutest neighborhood of Boston (in my opinion), Bay Village. It is sandwiched between the South End and Back Bay - which are home to some of our favorite spots in the whole city. We only lived downtown for one year - but I like to think that we made the most of exploring and discovering all of the things that make “the Bean” so amazing. Now that we are parents of two, we have spent the last few years taking advantage of all the things that the city has to offer for KIDS!

I wanted to share some of our favorite spots in and around Boston; our go-to parks, restaurants, museums, etc. so if you guys are ever visiting or even currently live in the city, you can check them out!

The Boston Common: This is Boston’s most popular 50-acre park located right in the middle of the city. You can take a walk across the picturesque bridge and snap a photo with the swan boats in the distance, or find the prettiest blooms, which are changing every season. You can always find things to do; in warmer months you can pack a picnic and go for a ride with your kiddos on the duck boats. London loves to find the Mother duck and her ducklings in the park, a nod to the popular book “Make Way For Ducklings!”


Boston Public Market: This is one of our top places to go on the weekend but it’s Monday - Friday as well! Some of our favorite spots are here…all in one place. We get our coffee at George Howell, always make a stop at Red Apple Farm (for homemade apple cider donuts), and London and I pick a few flowers from Field & Vase by Stow Greenhouses to make our own bouquet.


Also, how good is this backpack that attaches to my stroller? It’s the Papago from J.J. Cole and I love that it holds everything I need - literally I always pack my LIFE when I go out with the girls and want to make sure I have everything - this backpack holds it all!

We love the Boston Public Market!

We love the Boston Public Market!

This is Field & Vase where London and I love to make our own bouquets!

This is Field & Vase where London and I love to make our own bouquets!

Blackbird Doughnuts: These doughnuts are so good! They’re delicious, they’re made in-house and they make these mini cinnamon sugar stacks for your little ones too! If you’re feeling up for it, try the “made-to-order” ice cream sandwich!

Faneuil Hall: So fun to go here as a family! They always have fun street performers to keep kids entertained and you can grab a delicious meal in Quincy Market!


Boston is such a walkable city and I love that I never have to worry about Malia being cold on these chilly winter days because of the BundleMe that keeps her super snuggly! I also don’t have to bring any additional blankets which is a major MOM WIN, am I right?!

Beacon Hill: You HAVE to visit Beacon Hill. It is quintessential Boston with the adorable tree-lined streets and beautiful brownstones. There are some of the cutest shops and cafes in this neighborhood also including Tatte, a beautiful space with a cozy feel and open kitchen to watch the chefs whip up tasty sandwiches, soups, delicious pastries and more! Make sure you walk by Acorn Street, which is known as one of America's most beautiful streets and easily one of the most Instagrammed spots in Boston. Also, a little tip: you'll have better luck in flats trying to maneuver your way up or down this street. And best to ditch the stroller beforehand, too.

How cute is Malia on Acorn Street, one of the most photographed streets in America!

How cute is Malia on Acorn Street, one of the most photographed streets in America!

Love exploring Boston with my girl in her cozy    BundleMe   !

Love exploring Boston with my girl in her cozy BundleMe!

Charles River Esplanade: Grab a coffee and head over to The Esplanade for a relaxing walk and scenic views of the Charles River and cityscape. The Esplanade Playspace is a place your kids will love too and a great way for them to burn off some energy!

Newbury Street: Newbury is the city's most popular street for shopping! There are so many trendy cafes and restaurants to power you through a shopping spree (if your kids will allow it). One street over on Boylston, you’ll find the Boston Children’s Museum if your kids need a little escape - or you can head to our favorite Newbury spot, Georgetown Cupcakes. London always picks the cupcake with the MOST frosting…can you blame her?!

London loves all of the pretty store-fronts on Newbury!

London loves all of the pretty store-fronts on Newbury!

Waiting patiently for her cupcake!

Waiting patiently for her cupcake!


New England Aquarium: Pretty self-explanatory, but aquariums are always a hit and this one is really fun! It’s also a short walking distance from Faneuil Hall so you could do them both in the same day!

Museum of Science: We love bringing the girls here! You can easily see the exhibits in 1-2 hours but you can also make a whole day of it if that’s the kind of mood you’re in. London loves “Science in the Park” so she can go on the swings and she loves to visit the Dinosaur exhibit as well. (I recommend trying to go on a weekday because weekends tend to be pretty crowded!)

London loves to run around the museum and we have been so many times that she knows where everything is! The photo on the right is a new exhibit (that’s a true-to-size SEAL by the way), and I love that they are always changing up exhibits and bringing new/interesting things to the museum for people like us that visit so often!

*Mom Tip: A backpack always works better than a shoulder bag. You need both hands - especially when you’re the solo adult with two little ones! We love our Papago!

The “Science in the Park” exhibit is GREAT for kiddos to burn off some steam and run around!

The “Science in the Park” exhibit is GREAT for kiddos to burn off some steam and run around!

London could stay on these swings for hours!

London could stay on these swings for hours!

Fenway: You can't visit or live in Boston and not take at least walk America's most beloved ballpark; that would just be unpatriotic! Catch a game for a photo of the “Green Monster” or just pay a visit to capture the essence of this legendary place. If you’re looking for a yummy place to eat, Sweet Cheeks Q is a super popular place basically next door!

There you have it, that’s my list! What are some of your favorite places to take your kids in Boston?! I’d love to hear more ideas / recommendations … we are always looking for more adventures!

xx, Ashley

This post was sponsored by JJ Cole. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

How To Travel With Your Three Year Old...

It’s that time of year again - Conference Tourney Time for my husband’s basketball team (Go NU!) and I’m heading back to Charleston with London for a few days! I have been looking forward to this trip with her ever since I booked the tickets in December .. and I think she is JUST as excited. Traveling with her is a blast - and we always have such a fun time together. This will be the 13th flight she has taken and each time gets better and better - probably because she’s getting a bit older! It’s like going on a little trip with my bestie!

I wanted to share some "must haves" when it comes to toddler travel… 3.5 years old is still considered “toddler” right? Let’s go with it :) I know traveling can feel stressful and exhausting at times, but I think if you try to make it as fun as possible than they will feed off of that energy. First things first...I highly recommend traveling with a BACK PACK as a carry-on and not a mini backpack…a pretty roomy one because you’re going to need ALL THE THINGS. That’s just the way I personally like to fly anyway because, better to be safe than sorry! I really love the Papago from J.J. Cole which we just got, this one by Skip Hop and if you’re looking for a cheaper version, this one is under $70.

The next thing that's a "must have" is a lightweight, compact, and easy to fold stroller. Our BABYZEN YOYO+ stroller is an actual lifesaver and I can't say enough about it. It's folds up in literally five seconds and is small enough to fit in the overhead compartment on the airplane. Once it's folded, it has a shoulder strap for easy carrying and it weighs just 15lbs. I can't tell you how many people comment on it when they see us fold it up or open it; just how easy it is! There's also a pretty convenient compartment underneath to store small items if needed. If you’re looking for a double stroller for two kiddos, we have been using the Chicco Bravofor2 LE Double stroller and really love it for the ease of folding/opening and the storage underneath!


A few tips while you’re on the plane…

I typically like to time flights so they’re during London’s nap time. Now that she’s older I just booked the cheapest flights…which is nice :) She does still nap, but will be able to handle a missed nap for one day. Prior to flying, I alway hit the Target Dollar Bin for some activity books, sticker books, and anything small I can fit in my carry-on backpack for her. I pack a few of her favorite snacks, books, plane-friendly games, and of course – the iPad. Lo is old enough to understand how headphones work and she loves wearing them. I got these Mpow Kids Headphones for this trip - and they’re great. I also just downloaded ‘Starfall ABC’ to my iPad for our trip because it’s an educational game that you don’t need wi-fi to play…and it’s free!

Some snacks that I typically bring: granola bars, raisins, goldfish, apple sauce, pea crisps, graham crackers and I usually buy a banana and a cheese stick at Starbucks in the airport :)

Important tip: I highly suggest bringing a travel pack of Purell Sanitizing Wipes. It gives me peace of mind to wipe down the germ-infested airplane. I also bought the travel-sized Purell to attach to the strap of my backpack. I cannot tell you how many times I use this throughout the day when we travel!

I don’t leave home without…

Blackout shades; these are cheap paper shades that I always travel with. Actually I just keep them in my car. I use them when we stay at friend’s houses, hotels if needed, etc. They’re easy to fold and carry in your suitcase.

4Moms Travel Playard: Hands down, best ever and easiest set-up. It comes with a travel bag so we just usually check it in for the flight. I’ve struggled HARD with other pack n’ plays, but this one is absolutely AMAZING.

Sound Machine; Another thing I never travel without is this $20 plug-in sound spa. You never know what the noise level will be at the hotel so I prefer to make sure unnecessary things don’t wake my babes! Doesn’t take up a lot of room in your luggage either!

Lastly, as far as I’m concerned all bets are off when traveling. Screen time increases, the amount of snacks can go through the roof and I’m not above a good dum-dum lollipop bribe! You just do what you have to do, knowing that things will return back to normal as soon as you reach your destination! The moral of the story is to HAVE FUN and try to enjoy what can sometimes be a stressful experience, but doesn’t have to be!

I hope this is helpful for any of you that’ll be traveling with toddlers soon! Make sure to follow along on my Instagram to see our adventures over the next couple of days!

xx, Ashley

How To Maintain Curls + Curly Hair Wash Routine...

Happy Wednesday!

I ran a poll on my IG stories last week asking if you all would like a mini tutorial on how I manage London’s hair and since 94% of you voted HECK YES … here it is! :)

It has taken me 3+ years to get to a place where I feel like I have somewhat of a clue when it comes to curly hair! I have completely straight hair so it’s definitely been a learning curve! I’m not an expert AT ALL so I’ve asked lots of questions about products, researched products, a little trial and error to see what works and I finally think we have a concoction that’s working right now!


I will mention that I basically harass Allysha from @HouseofTurcotte because her hair is AMAZING and she recommended the Shea Moisture product that we use….which we LOVE and makes a huge difference! If you have curly hair or curly-haired kids you should check her out :)

Here are the products that we currently use on London’s hair:

  1. Garnier Fructis Curl Nourish Shampoo

  2. Garnier Fructis Curl Nourish Conditioner

  3. Garnier Fructis Damage Repairing Treatment

  4. Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie

  5. Proclaim Olive Glossing Polish


Step 1: Wash / Condition

I typically wash London’s hair 2x a week. I found that if I washed it more it would dry it out, so twice seems to work well. I shampoo her hair once and condition it twice. I found that on the second pass of conditioner - if I use my wet brush while it’s wet and she’s still in the bath - I can brush the tangles out so much easier! The wet brush has been clutch - I love it. Sometimes I do the Leave-in mask for a few minutes after combing her hair and after the shampoo/conditioner, as the last step before I do a final rinse.


Step 2: Apply Smoothing Cream

I also took Allysha’s advice on this too and use one of Chris’s white t-shirts to wrap London’s hair in. I used to towel it off and it would make it really frizzy from the start - but the t-shirt works! Then I use the smoothing cream. I start at the root and usually work the cream in all the way to the ends. Lo’s ends can get frizzy so I make sure I add a bit more of the smoothing cream on those. I let that set for a few minutes and sometimes I’ll finish it off with a braid or just let it air dry.


Step 3: Apply Proclaim Glossing Polish

First off, this oil smells SO amazing. It has olive oil, for frizz and to make hair look super shiny. I put a nickle-size amount in my palms, rub them together and them work it all through London’s hair - typically from the bottom-half down to the ends.


I do typically braid her hair when she sleeps because it minimizes the tangles. In the morning, I’ll spritz it with a little water and add more of the Shea Moisture smoothie cream to bring her curls back to life! It seems like a lot of steps and sometimes it is - but we have it down to a little routine now and I feel like we’re getting the hang of it. If you have any more tips/tricks you’d like to share - please send them my way! I know a few people have recommended a silk pillowcase and I have one in my Amazon cart right now - I think that’ll help with tangles also.

Anyway - I hope you found this helpful in some way! Have a great week!

xx, Ashley

How '1-2-3 Magic' Worked For Us...

I got my eyebrows microbladed literally YESTERDAY sooo… don’t mind those ;)

I got my eyebrows microbladed literally YESTERDAY sooo… don’t mind those ;)

Happy Week of Loveee :)

I am one of those people that really LOVE Valentine’s Day and all the hearts, all the pink, and all the red! What better week than this one to talk about our favorite thing ever: Toddler Discipline. HA! Kidding…Eww. I know. It’s not fun - but I’m writing this post in hopes that it can help other parents who may need a new strategy or who feel like they’re walking on egg shells around their “threenager” like we did! This isn’t sponsored by “1-2-3- Magic” … and I highly suggest you get the book to read it for yourself … but I just want to share WHY we started using the techniques discussed and how it has worked or rather TRANSFORMED our home.


As parents we have always tried to be super consistent with every aspect of our children’s lives. We are consistent with their routines at bedtime, at nap time … we were consistent with potty training … we are consistent when it comes to the morning routine, etc., and it’s all good because it works for us. There was one area that we weren’t being consistent in and that was in our approach to discipline. (i.e. are we doing time-outs? are we ignoring? are we just talking calmly? are we distracting?) For awhile it wasn’t much of an issue because London always cooperated and listened fairly well. We used the “distraction” method as long as we could - but when London neared 3.5, I was feeling pretty helpless. I had tried different tactics but none of them seemed to be working. London was starting to do things like slamming doors and saying disrespectful things to both Chris and I. I know, she’s 3 and that comes with the territory (somewhat), but I really felt like if we didn’t nip it now, it would get worse later and MORE THAN THAT…I’m NOT okay with anyone slamming doors in my face. Even though our doctor said “just ignore it; it’s normal toddler behavior,” I didn’t really want to ignore it. It seemed like I was getting into these power struggles with this tiny human leading to more and more meltdowns.

I had read a few books before this one about staying calm, ignoring tantrums, avoiding time outs and taking “time-ins,” speaking directly etc., some of which worked for half of the day… but by the end of most days, after I was exhausted from lectures and repeating myself, I would often lose my patience. I was raising my voice more often than I wanted, which never made me or London feel good. I was essentially crying to Chris every night when he got home and felt like I was failing at my “job” which feels absolutely TERRIBLE especially when your job is being a stay at home mom. I knew that we needed to find a way to fix this or we would all go literally insane!

HELLO Magic!

A few weeks back, I went to my alumni basketball weekend at the University of Maine and had the best time with some of my former teammates. A lot of us are now raising kids that are around the same age - and we started talking about some of the challenges that I was facing with London and the constant power struggles. That’s when my friend recommended the “1-2-3 Magic” book. I’m not going to lie, I was skeptical because like I said, I had read other books already that led me to lots of dead ends. After I listened to how it had transformed her household, I pretty quickly ordered it. Thank GOD I did.

I LOVE that this book, unlike the others I have read, actually gives you a consistent plan when it comes to discipline. Any behavior that you want to stop such as whining, disrespectful talk, hitting, throwing etc. can be “counted” using the 1,2,3 counting method that the book discusses! The first thing we did was sit London down and tell her that we have new “house rules.” The book instructs you on how to do this and the reason in doing it. I think it’s an important step because it shows that you and your spouse/partner are a united front and are both on board. We also did a dress rehearsal to demonstrate what it would mean if we counted to ‘3’ and she had to take a “time out.” (London thought it was hysterical to send Chris to our room for 3 minutes. Ha!) Also, we do three minute time-outs because Lo is 3 years old. She spent the next two days after our little house rules chat testing us to see if we were going to follow through. We did :)

An important part to this whole thing being successful is NO TALKING on the part of the caregiver. THIS IS SO IMPORTANT and it was REALLY hard for me at first. I was so used to lecturing / explaining WHY we don’t do something or say something that isn’t kind etc. It is also my favorite part of the entire process because by eliminating the talking - my days instantly became a lot less exhausting.

Just to give you an example of how this works…one thing that London would do that always seemed to DRIVE ME CRAZY was that whenever she got frustrated she would say “I don’t like you” to anyone that was around; could be me, a friend, her grandparents, a stranger … literally anyone. I tried putting her in time out anytime she said it, didn’t work. I tried ignoring it completely, didn’t work. I tried explaining to her that this hurts feelings and isn’t kind, DEFINITELY didn’t work … but for whatever reason - THIS WORKS. She has only said this once since we began this entire process - which is a major win!

For the purpose of this blog post, here is an example of how an exchange might go (there are LOTS of examples given in the book which really help too!)

London: “Mommy, can I have a cookie?”

Me: “Not right now. It’s too close to dinner time.”

London: “I want one now!”

Me: “That’s 1.” (said calmly and holding up one finger)

London: “I don’t like you, Mommy!”

Me: “That’s not kind. That’s 2.”

London: (yelling) “No!!!”

Me: “That’s 3, take 3.”

At this point ideally Lo would go to her room but if she doesn’t go on her own, I would calmly pick her up and put her in her room WITHOUT SAYING A WORD and start the timer for 3 minutes. When the timer is done I would go into her room and say, “timer is up!" and that’s IT. I wouldn’t lecture or explain why she got a time out … we start FRESH and move on like nothing happened. London is usually smiling saying “let’s read, Mom!” or even “I’m sorry Mom!” … it’s pretty amazing.

Here is another example of the same situation as above, except this time ending in a MOMMY WIN…

London: “Mommy, can I have a cookie?”

Me: “Not right now. It’s too close to dinner time.”

London: “I want one now!”

Me: “That’s 1.” (said calmly and holding up one finger)

London: “Okay, maybe I can have one after dinner!” (exits room)

The first example looks a lot like how things would have gone 2+ weeks ago before implementing this strategy. The second example is absolutely what happens now. Let it be known, I have definitely used this outside of our home as well. I’ve counted at the doctor’s office, at Target, at London’s preschool pick-up and in front of friends/family. If you’re worried about feeling embarrassed when counting in front of other people - throw that out the window. It’s pretty freaking awesome to be able to just say “that’s 1” to get your child to stop doing whatever it is you don’t want them to do.

Our house is definitely a more relaxed place and just calmer overall. London was certainly craving consistency in the area of discipline and we were totally NOT fulfilling her needs. I think children really crave boundaries and the meltdowns that London was having were almost a cry for help. She was frustrated, I was frustrated … and now I feel like my girl is back and we are completely enjoying our time together.

I wanted to share this with other parents because maybe you’re feeling a bit helpless like I did. Don’t lose hope. Parenting is really freaking hard…like REALLY hard. We are all just doing our best. Please take a peek at this book and let me know what you think. I truly hope it meets you where you are! As always, please message me here or DM me on Instagram and I will respond to you if you have any questions! Love y’all! Keep being amazing!!


xx, Ashley

Malia's 6 Month Update...


It’s safe to say I’m kicking 2019 off with a bang and already forgetting to do a write-up on Malia’s 5th month! Second child problems! Honestly … there wasn’t much of a crazy change in her schedule in regards to sleeping/eating/playing etc. in her fifth month, so it kind of works out well that I’m skipping right to six :)

Malia actually turns 6 months today - so I’ll do a little update on where we are at now! She’s still a champion sleeper, is starting to engage so much with the world around her, sits up unassisted (which is a game changer), is eating solid foods and is just as cheerful as she’s ever been! We are so in love with her…honestly, SWEETEST BABY EVER. I’m sharing lots of info regarding her eating schedule now too, per request, so take a peek below :)



Malia is still napping relatively well and sleeping through the night. We had about a week of bad naps and poor night sleep when she was sick with a cold, so it really made me realized just how spoiled we are by her amazing sleep habits on a normal basis. She is definitely able to stay awake longer before needing a second nap. I would say her wake times are about two hours…maybe 2 hours and 15 minutes. She is taking 2-3 naps a day, but typically still three with the third nap being the shortest a majority of the time. Her morning nap continues to consistently be the longest of the day (typically 1.5-2 hours), her second nap is anywhere from 45 minutes - 1.5 hours and her third nap, like I said, is about 30-40 minutes. (What can I say, this girl loves her sleep and I’m not complaining!) I’m sure in the coming weeks, we will have her nap just twice a day, but for now this seems to be working. Her bedtime is between 6:15pm - 6:45pm.

We put her down awake at every nap and at bedtime and I’ve found she is much more aware now that she’s older. She fusses a little bit sometimes, but usually not more than 10 minutes before falling asleep. I highly recommend that if you do nothing else sleep wise, that you start putting your baby down awake around 2-3 months old. The longer you wait, the more difficult it will be and the more problems you will have. We basically sailed through the 4-month sleep regression because Malia was already consistently putting herself to sleep. The issues were extremely minimal and I know it was due to that. Trust me on this one…teaching them this skill is MAJOR and will help you so much in the long run!


I consistently share what my girls eat for their meals on my Instagram and ALWAYS get questions about it - especially concerning Malia. I’m not an expert by any means but I’m just sharing what seems to be working for us! This section will be a little longer than the others, because I want to try to be as thorough as possible!

I started purees with Lia around 4.5-5 months. I didn’t put too much pressure on it or have any expectations, I just kind of wanted her to start trying foods, learning to push foods to the back of her mouth and swallow, etc. I know a lot of people like to wait until 6 months with the Baby Led Weaning approach - but this is what we did with London and it worked out well for us so we stuck with it. We are still just doing one meal per day and always at 5pm when London and I eat dinner as well. When we started with just purees Malia typically would eat 1/2-1 jar and 1 Tablespoon of rice cereal at a sitting. Like I said, we did this for about a month or so - letting her just explore different tastes of different foods. Some days she would eat more and others she would eat less … I just took her lead :)

Recently (like, in the past week) I have started to give her more solid foods to try. For example, this week she gnawed on some broccoli and I fed her little pieces of salmon and sweet potato. She loved it all! She actually ate quite a bit of salmon too! I typically put it all in a plate, but she hasn’t quite figured out that instead of smooshing the foods in her hand she can bring them to her mouth - so I help her with my fingers or a spoon. If I remember correctly, London started around 7-8 months using her fingers and feeding herself. I would say just experiment with it and have fun! Let them explore different textures and let them get messy! Try not to get too stressed (I know that’s easier said than done) but keep in mind it is SO good for them to just explore. I love making mealtime a production i.e. when it takes 20-30 minutes I’m thrilled! It’s an activity and it takes up time, so that’s a win! The brand that we love is BeechNut (this is not an ad) and we also do Earth’s Best. I usually get them at Target or the grocery store.

Here are the foods that Malia has tried thus far (not purees): sweet potato, asparagus, avocado, banana, salmon, and broccoli. She has seemed to like all of it which makes me happy! I want to steam some carrots and also try zucchini with her next. I really like following @Feedinglittles on Instagram as a great resource!


Lia and Mommy.jpg

Lia has definitely been more interactive and expressive as of late. She is now in her stand-up activity saucer which keeps her entertained for a good 15 minutes at a time. She is starting to sit up unassisted which I’m so happy about. She seems to love books, especially ones with a “flap,” she loves to grab for toys/stuffies and of course she enjoys watching her big sister run around and play. She’s finding her voice and exploring all the ways she can make noises with her tongue and lips. It’s so cute to watch. I also just bought a bathtub seat for her which is seriously the best - and I’m so mad that I didn’t buy it sooner! I’ve been able to put the girls in the bath together this week and it’s made life so much easier! They both LOVE it. All baths have been 25-30 minutes long so that’s also a win.

If I remember from London’s first year, SO much happens between 7-9 months and I recall loving those ages. Crawling is next and then comes pulling up and eventually walking - and I’m just so excited for it all. At the same time, I want time to slow down because I can’t believe my baby is already half a year old! It doesn’t seem possible.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! Let me know if you’d like me to work on any specific posts coming up - you can comment on my latest Instagram post and I’ll see it there :) Love you all!

xx, Ashley

A Letter To My Second Born...


My Malia Skye,

You are already almost half a year old. It has been 167 days of “getting to know you” my sweet girl…and it has been every bit as glorious as one could imagine. I am going to cry through writing this letter to you, my very first one, but I want to be able to express all of the love I have in my heart for you!

Before you were born it was just Daddy, your big sister and I. I was nervous about our dynamic changing and the big transition we would encounter when becoming a family of four. As soon as they placed you on my chest, every fear or feeling of anxiousness dissipated. It was like you had been with us all along. Every day from that moment forward you have continued to bless us with your sweet disposition and your contagious smile. You are truly the happiest baby and you make life EASY for me; for that I am eternally grateful. When we looked up the meaning of your name, “calm and gentle waters,” it could not be more fitting. You embody that in every way; you have a calming presence and an ease about you that is evident and always commented on by anyone that meets you.

I am so blessed to be your Mom.

I am sorry that far too often you get the short end of the stick when it comes to time and attention from me. The day gets bombarded with a never ending “to-do” list and your sister needs lots of love too. Thank you for being patient. So many times you’re watching me from the playroom while I’m running around the kitchen making dinner feeling like I should be reading to you or playing with you … and our eyes meet. You give me the sweetest side smile and time stands still. In that moment I feel like you really “see” me to my soul…and it’s almost like you’re saying “I’m ok, Mommy. I’m good.” Thank you for the unspoken understanding that you give to me. I live for your little smiles that melt my heart into a giant puddle.

I was already someone’s mommy when you came into the world, but you made me a better one. Just know, you were the missing piece that completed our little family.

Loving you is easy, Miss Malia. I will love you with every part of my heart forever…

Mommy xx

Baby Favorites...

Hey guys! I’m committing to blogging more in 2019! The past few months have been so hectic, I don’t feel like I’ve been delivering my best content or as much content as I would like!

Today’s post and yesterday’s post is more of the things you can expect … more motherhood + lifestyle since that’s just fitting my life these days and seems to make sense :) I always get questions about my favorite products for baby and even though I’ve done a similar post with “mommy must have’s” I feel like today’s post offers a little more detail about each product and WHY I love them so much. If you have any questions - please comment on my latest Instagram post! I’m more likely to see it there and I will get back to you!

xx, Ashley

Honest Product Review...

Makeup: Wearing the cream blush, “Blossom” lip crayon and Mascara - by The Honest Company

Makeup: Wearing the cream blush, “Blossom” lip crayon and Mascara - by The Honest Company

I’ve gotten so many questions on my IG about how I like the The Honest Company beauty products! This blog post is totally not sponsored - I just wanted to share some clean, natural beauty products with you guys because you’ve been asking…and I want to make content that you actually care about :)

So…The Honest Company reached out to me (still pinching myself) and said they wanted to send me some products from their beauty line to which I said YES PLEASE! I already use their diapers, wipes, lotion, bubble bath, and shampoo (for Malia) anyway - so I thought it would be fun to try some stuff for myself! I’m really impressed with their skincare and makeup so below you’ll find a list of the products that I’ve tried and I’ll link them so you can shop!

  1. Everyday Primer Matte: I’m not sure how I feel about this one. The consistency is a bit thick compared to what I’m used too. I typically use the Sephora brand primer and it’s pretty lightweight. I must say, I do think it preps your skin well and the smell is very “earthy” which I also like! Again, the verdict is still out - but I’ve used it twice under my tinted moisturizer and foundation and it seems to prep my face well without giving any extra oil!

  2. Cream Blush: I’ve never used a cream blush before but I actually LOVE it. It’s a really soft pink (“rose pink”) and blends really well without leaving your skin feeling super oily! I’m wearing it in the above photo. ($12.99)

  3. Organic Beauty Face Oil: Speaking of oil … OBSESSED. I never thought I would be one to jump on the “face oil” bandwagon but I’m sold. This stuff is actual GOLD. I love how it makes my skin feel when I apply it in the morning and evening before bed. Since it’s winter and everything is extra dry, I feel like my face just soaks it up immediately. I’ve noticed a total difference in how vibrant my skin looks since using this! HIGHLY recommend! ($27)

  4. Mascara + Primer: I am the queen of cheap mascara’s because I feel like I’ve tried a lot of the expensive ones and they either don’t work or they make my eyes / lash line itchy! (Anyone else have that problem?!) Not only does this mascara/primer duo lengthen your lashes and make them look fab, but it’s also affordable so, YAY! ($14.99)

  5. Lip Crayons: YES YES YES! So much yes. Again, because they sent these to me I had never tried a lip crayon and mainly used stains. I absolutely LOVE their lip crayons because you can apply them heavy or light, depending what look you’re going for. They make my lips feel moisturized too, which is an added bonus. The Demi-Matte lip crayons are great because they’re more pigmented for a night out (I love “Blossom”), but I use the Lush Sheer crayons for my natural / every day look. ($12)

  6. Make Up Wipes: I’m not going to lie, I just used these for the first time last night but they did remove a full face of makeup! I’m a big fan of make up wipes in general, but sometimes the scent is too strong so I really like that these have a pretty muted smell! ($3.99)

  7. Eyeshadow Palette: I was VERY excited about this palette - which I shared on Insta-stories. I can’t believe its under $20! The colors are so rich and beautiful and I’ve used it every day since I received it. Highly recommend you snag this up! ($19.99)

    *I also received the “Elevated Hydration Mist” which seems like it would be GREAT for cold, dry winter months. I haven’t used this yet, so I can’t really give a review!

xx, Ashley

New Year's Resolution...

I think resolutions are silly and they always seem to fade away shortly after making them … BUT, I am hopping on the bandwagon and making ONE resolution this year. Are you ready for it?! It’s a real shocker… my resolution is to…


I have found myself saying recently “I’m going to work out consistently in the new year…that’s my goal.” For whatever reason, every cookie I ate (and there were a lot of them) over Christmas was followed with this internal thought of “I’m going to work out in 2019.” I was getting back to my workouts for a bit, but after Malia got sick and I missed a solid week - I fell off the wagon again! It’s always easy to do anytime you have sick kiddos and honestly, I’m just not as motivated when I’m functioning on very little sleep.

My husband got me 10 & 15-lb weights and a stability ball as one of my Christmas presents and I was so happy because I’ve been needing them. I want to start a lifting program from home because it’s more realistic for me at this season of my life. I’d love to go to the gym and I know I’ll get back there, it’s just not going to happen consistently right now so I’d rather not spend the money on a membership! So…I’m vowing to work out consistently and maybe by posting this blog, I’ll be able to stick to that! The word “consistently” has a different meaning now than it did pre-kids. I used to workout 5-6 times a week but now, I’m happy with 3-4 times a week..I think that’s a realistic goal. I’m also vowing to get up early to work out. I was doing this for a bit and it was AMAZING. I would get up at 6AM and sneak a quick workout and shower in before the girls woke up! I loved it for two reasons: 1. my workout was done for the day and I didn’t have it looming over my head, and 2. I was super energized! After a little morning “me” time, I felt awake and ready to take on the day, so - I’m going to get back to that!

Anyway - I wish you all a happy and healthy NEW YEAR! It has been such a magical year for us as a family…so we will see if we can top it in 2019! Love to you all - and thank you for following along!

xx, Ashley